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    Do you think Prasanth Kishore has the ability to form a strong opposition team to win next elections

    Prashanth Kishore became very popular as an election strategist in India. Most of the time for whomever he worked they have won successfully. In the last West Bengal election what he told it became 100% truth after the result. Recently he is telling that it is the right time that Modi to be ousted in the next election. There is talk in the media that PK is holding personal meetings with various big political leaders of the country and wants to build a strong opposition team to defeat Mr.Modi NDA in next 2024 elections. Event hough it is a big herculean task considering his success rate and profeecy, it appears to be it is possible. What is your thinking about this type of venture may become true?
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    Even if it comes true it will be quite dangerous for a vibrant democracy. No politics here. You can support any political party you wish and the political party having more support will be the winner but to win an election why a political party should need an election strategist? Politics is not marketing and I do not support the idea of making a strategy to win elections. Candidates must be voted according to the work done in a constituency and also based on their election manifesto and that is quite simple. Strategy means applying some tricks to make sure that you win an election. I do not support this ideology and that's why I said it is a dangerous thing that we must avoid.

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    Who is Prasant Kishore, a name that was not heard in Indian Politics from the south. Modi's silence at this stage has a complete meaning. He doesn't want to make noise about the opposition cry on COVID related issues. He has a cool mind to tackle the situation. Presently, there is no party in Indian soil that can defeat. WB is an exception. Of course , the Dravidian parties from the south won't pave way for BJP to enter into the southern states like Kerala,TN and AP. Modi should do his best to the northern Indian voters to grab their votes in the next election 2024. I am sure, he will win and become PM for the third term.
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    Those who study and analyze Indian politics well will have a good idea of where the nation is headed and how it can be reversed. The strategy of such people is not a trick to manipulate the voting machine in elections. There is no vote-buying with money. If they are approached by the current government, they are advising on techniques to win the trust and interest of the people. In addition, their team will interact with the people to find out what election promises are to be made and print them out in the election manifesto in a way that everyone can understand. At the same time, they will create a slogan for that election. It will be imprinted, and it will stick in the hearts of people. They design the posters which will give a very clear picture, the party or group, supported by them will win. This is the kind of strategy they adopt.
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    Prashant Kishore advises political parties how to win elections. He is an expert in making strategy and planning to defeat opponents in elections. In 2014 he was hired by bjp also. In Delhi assembly elections he gave his services to Arvund Kejriwal. Now in recent held elections in Bengal he was with TMC. He had declared that BJP would not win 100 hundred seats and he vowed to leave politics if he was proven wrong. Prashant Kishore is not a political leader, so he is not going to organise any third front to contest 2024 elections but lately, Sharad Pawar held a meeting with him for three hours and discussed with him how to go in 2024 centre elecrions. He has given his strategy how to get more than 300 seats. But bringing all regional parties together and mobilising them all on consensus is a herculean task.
    We still have more or less three years in parliamentary elections and all parties planning about contesting the biggest event to capture power.

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    Even without Prasant Kishore the opposition Party that is Congress may win the election in 2024 if the party pay attention to rebuild the party and start addressing the problems of the people. Otherwise, Prasanth Kishore also can't do anything for the victory of Congress.
    If all opposition parties work together with PK as their Strategist also their winning is difficult. PK is successful at the State level as there is only one projected leader for the CM post and he planned for the victory of that party and that candidate. But when all parties come together there will be many aspirants for the post of Prime Minister. They are not really interested in the people and they can't accept some other party member as their leader. Even PK may convince them and make them fight together in the election but later on, the government will never be stable due to their internal issues. PK has to be made the leader of all the opposition parties and all should accept that PK will be the next PM. Then it may work alright. But the aged politicians who want to see themselves in the top slot will never the same to happen.

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    I do agree that Prashant Kishore is the great political strategist and knows the pulse of the voters and advice the party to whom he works for the money. And coming to the author's poser whether his strategies can unite the opposition to form a strong alternative to BJP ? Absolutely not. Even in West Bengal there was prediction that BJP would be routed completely and he was saying in many interviews and in fact BJP has proved to be best and won many seats for the first time and even unseated the CM. And coming to present opposition across the country, Mamta has the eye on PM chair which Sharad Pawar would not allow, Stalin wants to be in TN and wont shift to India for obvious reasons. Patnaik has his own preference and other Small state CM 's are not exposed to the the India politics in big way. Thus the try would fizzle out.
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