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    Something has gone wrong somewhere

    It is difficult to find out what is wrong and I do not know whether there is any competent investigating agency to find that out. You may find nothing is going right in many aspects and yet no corrective measures are taken. For example, India has a huge population, yet there is no law to control the population. Look around and you will find people busy everywhere, yet in many cases, you will find they are not applying their senses properly. See the functioning of various organizations and you will find corruption. Now you may say that I am here with a mission to spread all the negative things or trying to correct things that are not right but actually, that is not the case. I am just giving you a few examples where things are not up to the mark. Ask anybody about those things and I am sure people will agree with what I observed. What is equally startling is our reaction to all such things. Most of us do agree that many things are not going in the right direction yet we do not act to make things right. What holds us back? Is it the feeling of somebody else will do it or we think that as an individual we are helpless? If we think we are helpless as an individual why not coordinate with others to make things right? Members, what do you think, what really went wrong?
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    The author has generalized the things that are happening as the result of let loosing the laws for the cause of selective community as the part of appeasement policy by the then Congress govt. It was Indira Gandhi who coined the famous hum do hamare do concept to control the population but she failed to control the surge of a particular community and could not cap their population growth as she has to survive on their vote bank. And that let loose policy has resulted in uncontrolled growth of population and now no government has the guts to say stop to them. And regarding corruption prevailing in government departments it was Congress which nurtured this habit because they always propagated aap jiyo aur hum bhi jeeye that means the corruption was openly given the go with equal benefit for all for work done.
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    Corruption has become a way of life for us. There is no point blaming anyone except the public. The population explosion goes on and shortly we will be the most populated country. What you expressed is correct and everyone knows it too. No one has the inclination to set things right. Ours is a completely polarised country. People have lost a proper sense of thinking.
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    The discipline can exist within the country if they get an environment where there are certain norms to carry out a job with the dedicated efforts. The environment teaches them many aspects such as behaviour,honesty, integrity etc and perfection is attained with the consistent practice. With the surge of population, idealistic values get diluted. Many of us become opportunistic and selfish and want to grab something for which we don't have the capabilities. The people don't mind corruption as a serious issue since it has penetrated into the society. In order to maximise the vote banks some leaders allow the influx of people of the neighbouring countries to enter our territories. This has further escalated the population growth.
    We all need to understand the real issues and should be proactive to combat bad practice prevailing within the society.

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    Many people say that corruption is the main cause of this indiscipline as some officials will be hand in gloves with the wrong doers. This is a serious issue and have far reaching consequences. For a nation to grow, a national character is a must and not only a good governance is required but citizens also have to contribute by keeping discipline in public places. Simply making rules will not help as people should be made to follow them.
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    A social message has been given by the author, which is commendable, it is true that we understand very well that a lot of wrongs is happening around us and it is taking the form of wrong corruption, we also know that as long as we Unless you raise your voice, it will not turn into wrong, right, but still a common person has not been able to take the initiative. The main reason for this is the lack of confidence and trust in others, somewhere we all believe ourselves to be right, but we are afraid to prove the same right in front of the world, some people want to bring a big change but they do not expect Whether others will support him or not. If such awareness comes in a society where only the individual can assure the individual that we will all move together and correct this wrong, then perhaps there is the hope of something good.

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    When all things are disaarayed then it becomes difficult for someone to put them back in order and it is not possible until the man or a group of men that is determined to rejig the whole system, first, must rejig himself/themsleves quite sincerely but I don't see anybody of this sort who is really serious about tweaking whole dispensation. We are accustomed of listening to tall talks and feel satisfied to exaggerated and ostentious activities, we don't want to see these talks get materialised into reality.
    People need selective appeasement on selected issues and also they want to see how animosity is triggered which satiates them too. Sometimes, I get obfuscated whether or not they are pro or against this corruption? Some of us are amazing creatures. They like negativity instead of positivity. They have their own logic, you may be a dissenter to them and you are free so as they are, and interesting point is that both of you are right in your eyes.
    When the time will come to think in a positive way?

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    These days we see everywhere things going in the wrong direction only. For many, people are only responsible. Many of us not following the laws of the land. We aim for our selfish desires. This has become a chance for the people who can make things happen. They know that the people are ready to give some bribe if they say that it is difficult to get their things done and show some faults in their proposal or application. There is no place where there is no corruption. We can give many examples. But I say the change should come from the people only. They should not be greedy and should expect anything as per the law only. We should not expect any personnel favours or concessions for us. Then only we can get the things back on to the track.
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