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    Do you also check it repeatedly after messaging?

    Whether we talk about WhatsApp or any other simple messaging app, all have options through which we know whether our message has been delivered or not, whether it is received by the receiver or not, then it has been read by the receiver or no, and if the answer to all these is yes, then the new question that why the receiver has not replied yet. In this process, people waste a lot of time, and while reading their own message, again and again, they keep frustrating themselves while thinking about the same, people do not even realize how much damage they are doing themselves. I have seen this habit in many people around me, who get upset due to not getting of immediate reply. All these apps are made for our convenience, not to trouble us. I wonder how human beings come up with new ways to trouble themselves.
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    Definitely agreeing with the author. We humans are the most superior living bring on this earth, but all we do is bring new ways to trouble ourselves. Lately this lockdown and our increasing screen time has made most of us addicts. Many of us are now badly addicted to texting, either sending stuffs to people so that conversation starts, or vice versa. Unknowingly these social media, instead of being a boon has lately started to capture our way of life and we are so unaware of this whole situation.
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    Not at all, because that is not required. When I am sending a message to somebody either I am sending it because the other person will be benefitted from that message or I am asking somebody something to which I expect a reply. In the former case, a reply is not essential so there is no need to verify whether the person got the message or read it. In the latter one, the other person must read the message before replying and when the person is going to read or reply is absolutely up to the person and not me. If the issue is really urgent and you do not get the reply within a specific time then it is always better to call that person instead of verifying whether the person has received or read the message. The author has rightly said about the ways one may try to adapt to trouble themselves. If you wish to put yourself in trouble there are many ways, if you wish to remain calm and cool then also there are ways. Now which way to follow is your choice.

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    I will not check again and again after sending a message repeatedly. I send the message and forget about it. But I see the phone only after some time. Generally, I will see the messages once to twice in day time only. If any important message is expected then only I will check the messages frequently.
    Wasting time on these unnecessary messages is not worth it, I feel. All these apps should be used for our benefit and advantage only. We should not get addicted to these apps and mobiles. But these days we see many people spending a lot of time with their mobiles.

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    Very Interesting post from the author which testifies as to how best we used the messaging and how we keep the tow of it. Messaging has become a great art these days as we must do such messages which should the conversation or chat with apt writing so that the receiver do understands the matter and no more further texting. Never give a doubtful message so that more interest is evinced towards you and messages pour in at regular intervals. And if someone is online and you have texted them then there must be instant response or reactions. If that is not forthcoming ensure the chatting is closed for the present and do not disturb the contact again. There are enthusiastic people who chat at wee hours as if we are free and they have more work during the day. Keep aside such messages which intrude during the private hours.
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    I agree with the author what she has observed has become a new disease among users. They are so much addicted to social media platforms where they interact with their friends that their condition seems to be weird. Two things I have noticed. First, as the author has written that after messaging they wait for a reply if they don't receive a reply they feel squirming. Second, habit is being noticed in them is that if they upload any video or text they want their post should be liked by a maximum number of people. I have noticed these crazy people if their friends or others don't like it they feel disappointed.
    Such addiction entails serious mental disorder also. Psychologists suggest they have a break from all social sites for some days. It protects the users from addiction or any mental disorder. If someone is so much habitual of visiting social sites that every time he is there then he should start to leave his favourite websites for a day or two and he should try to divert his mind to other activities instead.

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    This is an interesting observation. Many of us are addicted to the social media and use it so frequently that sometimes we ourselves are surprised that we are so efficient! Forwarding the messages has become a craze without ascertaining their authenticity and more bizarre the message is more we feel proud in forwarding it to all of our friends and relatives whether they see it or not. Now in this situation how can we take for granted that our messages will be duly acknowledged by the receiver. One of my relative is not active in WhatsApp but if I give him a private message he immediately responds. So, if a message is of genuine nature people will respond to it but because I have sent some junk message, the other person should respond to it, is too much of asking. One of my relatives told me that he sends good morning to all the people in his list of contacts and then forgets about it whether they respond it or not. I asked him was it necessary to send that good morning everyday to everyone. He told that it gave him great satisfaction that he had communicated to all. So, different people are using or rather say misusing the media in so many ways and in that situation who bothers for them so the question of response does not arise and if someone is waiting for that response then he is simply wasting his time and energy.
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