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    There is no need to prove yourself in front of everyone.

    We are very attached to some people, sometimes some of them are from family and sometimes from the outside world. We always want to maintain good relations with these people and do everything possible for this, when they are angry, we also prove ourselves to them that still, we are their well-wishers. Many times we also find such situations in the office etc. where we have to prove our workmanship in front of our boss or seniors, but it does not mean that everyone keeps on testing our ability and we are constantly trying to prove ourselves. In this way, we will get tired but still, there will be someone left. So it is better for you to prove yourself only for yourself first, when we do our work honestly and sincerely, we do not have to prove it, repeatedly, our output is itself proves it, whether it is official work or relationships.
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    I agree with the author. There is no need for us to prove ourselves in front of everyone. As long as you are honest and making all efforts to see that you will carry out your work sincerely we need not get the appreciation of somebody or there is no need to prove that we have the required abilities.
    But we should do our tasks properly and we should not leave and run away from our responsibilities. Otherwise, we will lose track and we may not be successful in our career. But sometimes I have seen that even though you are efficient your boss may not recognise the same unless otherwise, we are in his good books. What one should do to be in good books of the boss is saying yes to everything what he says.

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    Yes, that's correct but if somebody asks someone to prove her/his ability then one has to prove it. There is actually no need to forcefully prove our ability to someone or to everybody every time. One has to prove something when somebody is raising some doubts otherwise the only thing one needs is to work sincerely all the time. In some situations, we do such things as the author mentioned and we do it to please the person. When we give extra importance to someone an attachment to that person automatically develops, so we remain more focused on that person and we always want to make that person happy. If we can give equal importance to everybody then we do not have to feel the same way of proving ourselves every time in front of the person.

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    When our work and action speaks for itself there cannot be asking to prove our ability. The other day there was a argument in the company of my friend who received less salary as the management felt he was not working to the ability and simply wasted time. While my friend was of the contention that he was doing the allotted work and completed the same without time lapse and thus eligible for full salaries to be paid even during the lock down. Where as the management claimed that others worked more smartly and even completed the works of those who were absent and thus eligible to be paid full salary. So here comes the right answer to the author. That the management is right here as they have been gauging the working ability of each employee and during this challenging period the company needs those employees who stand with them.
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    Instead of doing things to prove that we are doing the right thing, we must create a recognizable situation that we are perfect by the things we do. For that, we need accuracy, clarity, and timely acting capacity in our work. The boss or our superiors will periodically check our actions until they are sure of them. We also need to convince them that our actions are right. Before that, we, ourselves, must make sure that we are correct and on the right path. Then, there is no headache of convincing or proving.
    If there is a friendly relationship, if it is a good and fair relationship, there is no chance of getting angry from any side of the friendship. Those who are making the opportunity to be angry, or those who are angry, should consider that the 'good' part from the above relationship is set aside. In that condition, one person of the above has to prove that he/she is a well-wisher or loyal to the other from time to time. Then it is wise not to continue such relationships. Otherwise, whenever one gets angry, the other has to prove his loyalty and love from time to time.

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    There is no need to prove ourselves before other people but if it is a matter of a job and we have tough competition in the office then we have to prove before our boss to stay in job. If the company is not satisfied with us or our performance is not satisfactory for them we will be replaced by someone else who is waiting is queue for getting an opportunity to come in. Joblessness has deteriorated the situation so bad in our country.
    But normally we don't have to prove ourselves in our personal relationship with people. How much we care about our friends or closes friends etc. We should to be good and should have positive view about others as well.

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