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    Let's travel without forgetting the goal.

    After the excursion, the guide of the group said, "For the next half an hour, we will take another route to see more scenic views. You can enjoy the views while sitting in the vehicle." Everyone started crowding for the seat by the window. It was a fight. Time passed with small quarrels. After a while, it was time for everyone to get off. That's when they remembered the beautiful sight they lost during the fight!

    No one should be an enemy or an obstacle to anyone. There is room for everyone to grow and grow on this earth. We need to be able to create new views within the confines of the available space even if we do not get the places we like or think it is great. Everyone wants and follows easy and trouble-free ways. People are sitting on chairs in the backyard watching the sunrise. Some watch the sunrise near the sea and watch the sunset from the top of the hill. Our goal is not to see easily from here but to see unseen sights from nowhere.

    The beauty and meaning of the sights will change depending on where you look from. If you change your seat, why insist on sitting in an easy-to-see seat if you can see the never-before-seen sights? Do not sacrifice big goals by turning your eyes and being fascinated by the small gains. The ability to ignore what needs to be ignored is the first step to achieving the most important thing. It is important to remember that not everyone is falling by hitting the hills but by small stones. The journey to the stars should not be interrupted by twinkles. Remember, we have great things to achieve.
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    One should define his goal properly. We should strive for achieving the goal without going illegal ways. Attaining the goal may be difficult sometimes due to various reasons. But we should take the troubles and see that we will reach our goal in time. If everyone wants to adopt the easiest possible ways, it may not be possible. We may have to go for difficult ways or we may have to search for a new path or we may have to make our own new path without crossing the limits. When we attain our goals after taking such pressures, we will enjoy the victory much better.
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    The author has reminded us of a very important thing. The message is very clear and we need to follow it everywhere. We are travelling in a particular direction to reach our goal but if we forget our goal then we will get lost in the middle. During travelling in a particular direction there will be obstacles in various forms but one should not lose attention. The hurdles have to be removed to reach the goal and the sole intention has to be to reach the goal. Any kind of distraction can break the concentration and if you are distracted quite often you may feel frustrated at some point and give up your intention to reach the target. One must remember what to ignore and what to care for. When you have set a target you need to strive to reach your target. Leaving in the midway is neither a solution nor the right approach.

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    The author has been coming with good thoughts and threads which comes from out of thought for the normal persons to go through and respond. The travel is always with a definite goal and for sure purpose. If the travel is not planned well the goal may not be achieved and short lived. But here the author has dealt with going to somewhere which is not planned nor seen in the past. Though that must be interesting to many through the sheer experience of going to new place and knowing new things, does that really serve at the cost of deviating from the main travel to which we have embarked on
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    I don't take the content literally, rather I take it metaphorically because the message in this thread evinces it. How to enjoy our lives each of us is free to do so but the crux of the matter is - live happily and let others live happily. How it is possible is to be understood considerably. We should believe in healthy competition instead of enmity or bitter rivalry because it renders negativity from both sides. In this tug of war, if everybody starts to pulling the legs of each other instead of taking positive steps and doing something constructive activity which may benefit him, this negative attitude entails incidence for either party or all. Thenceforth, a bizarre situation may appear out of thin air and one who manoeuvres it surpasses his rivals in this race. But it is not the end of the game yet, the opponent who missed the game for time being will wait for the next opportunity to grasp it, will thrash his rival with more strength.

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    This is definitely a thought provoking thread that we have to focus on our goals and should not distract from that by getting lured with small things. Fighting with others for smaller things and forgetting the goal is really a disaster that we must try to avoid in our lives. Generally the short sighted people would do that sort of mistake in their lives and remain quarrelling with the masses and forgetting their objectives in this precious human life. A wise person will always refrain from unnecessary conflicts and confrontations which are in fact a wastage of time only. Our life is not meant for wasting it in small maters as there are some bigger objectives and targets waiting for us to be achieved.
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