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    When did our leaders and ministers start making luxury life and money making their main occupation?

    Our political leaders and ministers are seen enjoying themselves in the name of national service and focusing only on raising their finances. It is noteworthy that former leaders and ministers who can be counted on the fingers do not fall into this category.
    I was inspired to write this by a recent post I read about former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri.
    His son's children, who were at home when he was prime minister, went to school on horseback. One day at the urging of the children, the driver drove the children to school in the Prime Minister's car. Knowing this, Shastriji told the children and others in the house: "This car is a government system used only for official purposes. It is a waste of government money to use it for any other purpose". He then planned to buy a car for his family. Decided to buy a Fiat car. Price Rs.12,000/- He has only Rs 7,000/-. So he took a loan of Rs 5,000/- from the Punjab National Bank and bought a car. He was soon killed or died. When it was difficult to repay the loan, high-ranking officials from the bank visited his wife and told her that they could give her a good discount on the loan, but she refused and sent the officers back, saying that she would pay in full from the pension received in his name.

    What is the status of the current ministers? A coat worth Rs 5 lakh, a pen worth Rs 2-3 lakh, a special airplane to travel in, and a special mushroom worth Rs 13,000 for a single meal are the wishes of our ministers. I would like to know the opinion of everyone in this regard.
    Do our leaders and ministers work primarily for our upliftment?

    When did our leaders and ministers start making luxury life and money making their main occupation? Is it right?
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    Such ministers are very rare these days. I also read the above information about Sastriji somewhere. Sastriji was known for many such issues. When he was the railway minister, there was a train accident. Taking that morally as his mistake he resigned from the minister post. After resigning he went back to his home by walk and refused to use the car given to him when as he was a minister.
    He should be taken as a role model by all the politicians these days. But they will never do that. Sastri saw himself as a service person. But these days politicians feel that they are paid employees.

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    They were the great leaders. They were not pretentious. They never boasted about their performance as leaders. They would not call themselves as servant. They were our leaders who were humble servants of people. Lal Bahadur Shastri was a true servant of this country. He did not know how to earn money as a leader. Once he asked his country men not to eat one time meal because of shortage of food-grains but first he did not get food cooked both times in his home then he asked his countrymen to do so.
    No leader in this country can stand before the stature of Lal Bahadur Shastri as a true leader of this country.
    But now whole political scenario has been changed. If any honest candidate intends to contest election from our constituency people will not vote for him but if a criminal who has committed heinous crimes represents our favourite party we will vote for him. Perhaps, we don't want any other Lal Bhadur Shastri ?

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    In India we had great political leaders who led the modest life and yet to could serve the people without any expectations and even today they are being talked about and refereed as the case studies. The late Kamaraj of Tamil Nadu was the modest leader and never earned for himself nor misused his position as the head of the state. When other leaders of the country who used to visit him was at the loss to understand as to why the living was so simple and they even prevailed upon to him to avail the facilities. Gone are the days when the people used to be in politics to serve the people and develop the area they represent. Now they generate maximum benefit from their post. they help their relatives and friends to occupy key positions and make killing out of chances offered and thus there is no dearth for corruption and earning through varied methods.
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    Very few leaders will be like Shastri ji. He was a very honest person and there are many stories about it. Most of the leaders are opposite to him. Today people go in the political line to make money only because they see that the other people have already made crores of rupees and they are in fact showing it here and there through their luxurious lives. So our younger generation is seeing these things and whenever they get an opportunity they will also make money. What they see is what they do in the future. Our leaders are showcasing wrong methods of making money very obviously and people aspiring for politics are learning these things beforehand. Very few leaders are there who have real feeling for the welfare of the people and development of the nation. It is altogether a bad situation.
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    There was a time when ministers and leaders were actually thinking about the county or about the state and by winning the election they became a part of the growth of the country but now very few ministers are there who think about the progress of the country, most of them are just want to fulfill their pockets, those pockets who does not have an end. In today's era if a gentle person really wants to do something new or something in the interest of the public, then also some other corrupted people do not allow to do him/her to do so. Corrupt politician wants to enlarge their community by making everyone's corrupt.

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    Service before self was the motive of past politicians, but self before service is the motive of present politicians. 99 percent ministers are corrupt, and they long for money, luxury and wealth. In fact, all of them eat government money though are paid well by the government. Moreover, their corrupt followers encourage them to get bribed and they live their life on behalf of the ministers.
    People like Sastri and Kamaraj are a very few politicians who maintained service before self, and they have done only service to the nation, nothing for themselves.

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    We are reading in the media about the wealth amassed by the politicians and leaders and the figures go in hundred of crores of rupees. An ordinary employee can at the most earn hardly one crore rupee in his 30-35 years service. It clearly indicates that people in high posts and positions can easily make money if they desire to do so. This thing is going on in our system since beginning as we had heard about these things even when we were in our childhood and our parents talked about it and sometimes read about these corruptions in the newspaper. With that kind of money they can definitely have a luxurious life.
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    I do not know how to respond but yes, we got few on records who are on bail and expecting himself to be the face of Prime ministerial candidate.

    In context to Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, he definitely sets an example which is unlikely in the current political system.

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