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    Let's explore contronym words with their meanings and examples!

    Contronym has many terms like auto-antonym, antilogy, Janus and antagonym, etc. Contronym is, where the same word has two meanings that are opposite or contradictory to each other when used as a verb.

    Some examples of this are as follows :

    Word: Ravel

    First meaning: to sort out, untangle

    Example: Go and first ravel those huge knots.

    Second meaning: to mess up, entangled

    Example: The raveled ropes in huge knots.

    Can you provide more contronym words along with their meanings and uses?
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    Contronyms are a combination of homonyms and antonyms.
    Put out. It is one such word.
    1. Put out: Extinguish. They put out the fire.
    2. Put out: Generate He put out man books.

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    @DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao, Thank you for your contronym word.
    My second word which is contronym is
    Word: rent
    First meaning: to sell
    Example: He has rented the car to me.
    Second meaning: to buy something
    Example: I will rent a computer for two days to complete the remaining presentation.


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