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    How to beat the fear of death?

    Everyone wish to live long. People have many wishes in their lives and they don't know when death comes. It is believed that everything happens according to the destiny and we cannot change anything that is going to happen.

    As the famous saying goes like this, "A brave man dies only once but a coward dies many a times before their death". When death is inevitable, then why should we fear for it? I am a coward and I always fear for everything. I even fear a lot to travel in a two wheeler. I am afraid of accidents. I always have the thoughts what if someone comes in a wrong route? Or the bike may skid. What if the brake fails? If my son plays near the bike, I feel what if it falls down?

    So many fearful thoughts! I keep watching out the surroundings just checking if every thing is in place or if something wrong may happen. If I am too happy for something then I am just worried some sorrowful incidents may happen in future.

    Do all others have these feelings or only me? Please share your thoughts.
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    Taking safety measures is different and getting afraid is different. All accidents will not lead to death. But wounds and injuries which are due to these accidents will create havoc in our life. We feel it is better to die rather than suffering from these wounds and injuries. Trying to avoid accidents by taking safety precautions is not bad. That is good. But avoiding works with a fear of death and injuries is not possible always. So we have to work with safety norms. A ship is safe on the shore but a ship is not made for it.
    One should not fear thinking that death may approach. Death is inevitable and will come when it has to come. Go on doing our works with due diligence by following all safety norms. I think that is the best way one has to follow.

    always confident

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    All human beings live in fear of death. Even a person who is on his or her deathbed is afraid of death. No one wants to leave this land and their families. Some people do not want to give up the money they have earned, other systems, and the prestige they have earned. Similarly, young people are afraid for a variety of reasons. Especially the fear of death. In each case, they have expected it or given extraordinary weight to the mind. When the rate of such fear increases, their mood itself goes out of tune.
    But a section of the youth is moving forward on their way without keeping any of this in mind. Therefore, it is often risky. Speed may not be under control when such people are traveling in a vehicle. No matter how fast it is, it does not bother them. They carry on their happy life anyway. That is often unacceptable. Fear is needed in everything. Or they may endanger many who proceed with careful and attentive attention, but those who live in fear of everything are also endangered in this way. So maturity is needed in fear as well. Fear only on the essentials, and rejoice in all the rest. Just keep in mind that death is a fact. Be careful not to let that fear overwhelm us.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    Death is a fact which can't be averted. Who is not afraid of death? Perhaps all of us are scared of death and we want to live a long life. But we should not forget that nobody can ward off death if it comes. However, always thinking about death may cause some serious diseases. The author should not be too much apprehensive about death. She should have positive thinking about life.

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    Everyone wants to live for more years and I feel pity at those who plan such things as if they are going to be here for years together without any death threat for them. In this regard when ever I come across the names appearing in the fortune 500 as the top earners of the globe and country every year I laugh at myself as to why some business groups and heads keep on racing with earning spree as if the world is open to them only and no death threat. And this Corona has taught a big lesson to all those who thought money would bring them the lost hopes. But money has gone and they also died. The fear of death should not happen to those who are sincere in their approach, do not dupe anyone or trick others for any profit motive. The wrong doers are punished and they have been made to realize to live modestly.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    So long as we are alive, we think of enhancing our lives. There are many harmless spices if taken in moderation will enhance our lives such as Gooseberry, Arjuna, Giloy, Aswagandha etc but care has to be taken that these herbs are not be taken at a stretch but there should be a break of at least ten days so the body works on its own to fight with the external germs.
    We should follow the simple diet avoiding excess spices and oils leading to fat deposits on the belly. This weakens our metabolism. We should not be lured with Rice Bran Oil or any such brands. Mustard oil was used since our ancient time and we are aware of its proven benefits. Taking care of our health is of utmost importance. Let us not think of death, enjoy the present time happily.

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    Everyone has got the fear of death in some way may be less or more. Death means end of the activity in our lives and that type of thinking itself is dreadful. At the same time there are people who do not think about death and keep doing their work without that thought of death which would of course be very disturbing. Anyway, in our culture death is supposed to be the start of a new life.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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