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    Does elephants have sensing ability to uncover the truth ?

    Elephants always live in a group and move about in group. But some times the over zealous elephant moves away from the herd and start wandering here and there. One such elephant was caught unaware of new area and try to cross a field with electric fence and it dashed against the pole and met with eventual death of electrocution. And the other elephants which were in search mode has came to the same spot and literally ransacked the area as if they took the revenge of death of its member. This proves that elephants can think the human way ?
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    National Geographic, Doscovery and other channels which research about animals life give very informative information about animal kingdom. Elephants live as a community. They can't tolerate external attack, they unanimously drive away all other animals like lions if they attack or harm their little elephants.
    The tragic incident mentioned in this thread corroborates it. It is also said that elephants have sharp memory. In a nearby town the weekly market was running. There come vendors, traders and other shopkeepers to sell different items. One villager was also there to purchase something. He noticed that someone was touching his head, when he turned his face he saw an elephant. It was putting its trunk on his head and touching his face and shoulder very softly. He could not understand initially but after a few minutes he called "Rajni" and the elephant seemed to be happy and trumpeted. The man tapped on its trunk. This man enquired about this elephant to its owner. He claimed to be the owner of this elephant. He reported to police and told that he had an elephant, named Rajni that was stolen by someone. Police interrogated to both concerned men and eventually, the elephant was given to its original and old owner.

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    By sharing the above response, it is proved that elephants have good memory power.
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    There are some research made in this area which indicate that elephants also have some emotions like love and revenge though they are not so evolved as in humans. Still these emotions are manifested in their behaviour time to time. Elephants can hear sounds from long distances as they are able to collect the feeble vibrations also with their ears. Moreover they are capable to hear sounds below human hearing range that is the infrasonic sounds, which are the sounds not listened by us but elephants hear that and that is the reason why sometimes we say that how the other elephant came there for rescue or help. So this keen sense of elephants for hearing is something which creates mysterious notions about them.
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    Hippocampus and cerebral cortex are responsible for willpower and problem-solving. In the elephants, these two are very well developed. That is why elephants are supposed to have a very good memory. An elephant's Encephalization Quotient(EQ) is very near to that of chimpanzees. These chimpanzees are having almost similar EQ to that of the brains of humans.
    Elephants are supposed to have communication skills also. They can communicate to the elephants which are far away also through their subsonic rumbles. The elephants are very gentle and unnecessarily will not trouble anyone. They have many special qualities which are not possessed by any other animal. I read somewhere that they are sensitive and responsive to colours and music also.

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