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    Can we live a mechanical life for a long period?

    Friends, many of us might be living a mechanical life not because of the corona virus but because of some personal traits and may be some other reasons which might be different for different people. What I mean by mechanical life is that there are a set of jobs from morning to evening in a monotonous way and then one goes to sleep only to rise next day to take up the same schedule. My question is that is it possible to carry a mechanical monotonous life schedule for a long time or some break like going outstation or having a picnic with friends or pursing a hobby outdoor or things like that is required which break the monotony. Is it possible for a human being to live a mechanical life for a long period without a break? Please share your thoughts on this.
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    When we work continuously without taking rest we get tired physically as well as mentally. When we take rest and sleep for a few hours all tiredness changes into freshness and we get ready to resume our work with more enthusiasm and energy.
    When we are mentally tired we need some rest for mind also during this period we may involve in such activities that freshen up our mind and this is why all employees are given a leave every week, so that employees may go out of their homes to enjoy their holiday.
    Employees avail some other leaves also they may visit any hill station or beach or any historical place to enjoy their holidays.
    Life can not be monotonous for an employee. Doing his work or duty is the source of income for himself and his family. If he doesn't work properly because of being monotonous he may find out another source of income.

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    What I feel that no job cane be termed as mechanical as long as it interests you and give the dedication effect to finish off the back logs. For that matter every job would be easy and going until the intricacies are fully understood and there is no stoppage or pending works and thus the interest generate to do the same job in more smart way and that would pave way of more dedication in the job. I have seen some people complaining that they are having less working hours to finish the work and that proves they are not enjoying the job. If the job is enjoyed and discharged with full responsibility and rights, the results are on expected lines. Yes jobs are boring by virtue of non progress and we have to wait for others to initiate from their ends and that is not our fault and in that case the management has to be informed about the same.
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    Continuously doing your job will make you tired and we should not allow the same since it might create some disorder of the health which could consume both time and a heavy bill of the family doctor. We have to understand our jobs and the process which could curtail the timing of its accomplishments. Once we are aware of the intricacies and resolving the same issues would make your job interesting and at all the costs, planning should be done to finish the same on the same day. This might require some meticulous planning and this should be followed to get our jobs done on the same day.

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    Even if you like doing the same thing daily then also a break will help you to feel fresh. If we observe our daily activities, we will find that most of the tasks are monotonous. Whether it's the tasks at our home or workplace it's almost the same. Think of a person whose job is to support the customer of a specific product/service. The person is very much aware of the problems the customers face and she/he has to solve the same issues daily. Only if a new issue comes up then it becomes somewhat interesting. This holds good for many jobs. If only you are associated with developing something new or in the creative field then you encounter interesting issues every day. Even you will not like to have your favourite dish daily. Our minds always look for something interesting and that's why we take a break quite often. We cannot go on repeating the same things daily and that's why to make life interesting we look for breaks.

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    When we will do the same thing every day, you will become an expert in that and we can easily perform the work. Then we will start thinking about whether the same work can be done in any easy way. It all depends on the individual. Some will complete the work fast and enjoy their leisure time. So it is the individual who can make a mechanical work also interesting.
    If you see the workers in some manufacturing industry, their work will be the same every day and they have to do the same for all the eight hours. As they gain the expertise they do their work fast and spend the remaining time happily in the work spot.

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    I think everyone requires a break after a monotonous work or a mechanical work. We all are human beings and require change in our lives. Only a machine can work continuously and mechanically. We cannot work in that fashion and require break for entertainment or change in our job. Changing the monotonous work always brings freshness in our minds.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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