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    Will all politicians of BJP strictly follow 'Make in India' policy strictly in their daily life?

    Giving attractive slogans to lure people is one of the concept of politicians of all parties. But when coming into action no one follow what they preach. BJP is one of the political party that introduced an attractive slogan 'Make it in India and made it in India'. Atleast higher-up BJP politicians are following this slogan to become role model to their lower cader of the party. Are simply this slogan is only for the people but not politicians? In the past Congress politicians of all levels used to wear khadi dress in memory of Bapuji. Do you believe BJP politicians are atleast following this slogan in some way or the other.
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    Following is the news about business ties between India and China published in Times of India and Economic Times.
    According to TOI (quoted as hereunder)

    "While Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned hundreds of Chinese apps, slowed approvals for investments from the neighbor and called for self-reliance after a deadly clash along their disputed Himalayan border, India continues to rely heavily on Chinese-made heavy machinery, telecom equipment and home appliances.
    As a result, the bilateral trade gap with China was at almost $40 billion in 2020, making it India's largest.
    Total imports from China at $58.7 billion were more than India's combined purchases from the US and the UAE, which are its second- and third-largest trade partners, respectively.
    That said, India did manage to lower imports from its Asian neighbor amid demand disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
    The South Asian nation also managed to increase its exports to China by about 11% from a year ago to $19 billion last year, which makes any further worsening of ties with Beijing a threat to New Delhi's export revenue".

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    Politicians and leaders seldom follow what they preach to others. It is also not possible to do so. The reasons are quite obvious. If we say that we will go for make in India items then it does not happen in a day. Even if it is done with sincerity it would take years to achieve that aspiration. Till that time the things will continue as they were. Giving slogan is one thing but achieving that herculean target is entirely different. Govt may have a will to do so, there are no issues on that desire but there are so many international trade forces and mechanisms in place that no country can become self reliant in these things in a short time. Everyone knows the conditions of the industry and labour status in our country and seeing the basic indiscipline and lethargy to work how can we assume that we will become self sufficient in a few days. So, there are basic structural and governance problems and if some leader at top wants to achieve these make in India targets, it is not going to be so easy. Opposition is always in a leg pulling phase and will degrade the ruling party at every occasion and make it difficult for them to tread smoothly. So in most of the cases these slogans will remain in air only. It is unfortunate but true. Moreover it is not happening for the first time. We are observing these things since 73 years.
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    A lady is advising the gathering not to use any imported goods or goods manufactured in other countries. A person from the gathering got up and asked why she is wearing imported slippers. That lady is an intelligent lady and replied that she is wearing foreign slippers to show all the people where we should keep foreign goods. This show how these political leaders can manage the issues.
    Political leaders talk manythings. They will never implement them. Which Congrss leader is wearing a Khadi dress these days. But at least some top leaders in BJP are not using any imported dresses and they are standing tall before us.

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    When the PM announced made in India and make in India concept, the order goes to all and BJP leaders are no exception. They have to follow the rules otherwise they would be shown the door. BJP is the desciplined party and every leader has been in the eyes of top brass and surely they would be taken into task. Coming to the same order it applied to all and every Indian need to follow the same because it is said on the national interest and to give fillip to our companies and give great support to manufacturing sector. If some are not following means they would be taught a lesson in future.
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    Making policies is one thing and strictly following that is another. Govt makes a policy based on the assumptions that everyone including the big leaders in Govt as well as in opposition would follow it. But the ground reality is that only a handful of honest and law abiding citizens follow it. In such a case sometimes making a policy becomes just an eye wash.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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