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    Why generic medicines in India not become popular?

    We know that generic medicines are much cheaper when compared to medicines prepared by popular companies. The medical formulation of medicines will be the same whether generic or popular company made them. Doctors always prescribe costly company made brands. Do you think that atleast government hospitals are using these generic medicines to cut down the budget and to serve more poor people? What are the drawbacks in using generic medicines? Political parties quarrel on so many silly issues and why can't ruling governments draw more attention on this matter.
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    Generic medicines are also sold in the market this is why these pharmaceutical companies exist, however, famous pharmaceutical companies which are known to all doctors are given preference because the patients want medicines from well established pharmaceutical companies.
    In nearby villages all doctors and even in our town most of the doctors use generic medicines. It depends on how much amount they take from the. patient. some doctors take Rs 20/- or Rs 30/- for three times medicines, you can't expect medicines from well-established companies but if you go to these doctors who will take Rs 300/- or Rs 500/- as consultation fee, they prescribe high price medicines.
    Nowadays people have money and they are educated too, so they want to have medicines from well known pharmaceutical companies. So generic medicines are taken by poor and backward class or illiterate people. They want to be cured by spending a minimum amount and the doctors also know about their mentality.

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    There are many reasons for the generic medicines not getting popular and wanting. Over the years the English medicines have been dominating and formed a cartel by offering gifts and offers to the doctors to prescribe their medicines and the doctors having their own pharma and tie up with the medical stores reaped profits for them. With the entry of generic medicine the cost of many medicines have been cut and the doctors are not getting their share. And when the patient approach the doctor they would dissuade them not to go for the generic medicine by saying its not effective. May be for these reasons the generic medicines are not popular. Moreover when the medicines are given at discount there is a wrong feeling among the public that the quality is low and cannot be trusted for curing the disease. But for me generic medicines do work.
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    Generic medicines are as effective as the medicines produced by the reputed pharmaceuticals. However, considering the cost angle of such medicines, it would be around 60 percent less than the branded ones but in terms of efficacy, it can work at par with the branded medicines generally prescribed by the doctors to cure the disease. Despite the merits of the generic medicines, its availability in the chemist's shop is remote since these medicines are not promoted by either chemists or by the doctors. It is because of the commission component lacking to benefit both the doctors and the chemists. Keeping in consideration that the largest population of India is poor, it should be available in the chemist's shop by promoting the same by the governmental authorities.

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    Generic medicines are very cheap and quality also is good. But this medicine is not getting popular due to the tie-up between the doctor and the medical companies. In some countries, the doctor will never write the commercial name of the medicine. He will write the name of the ingredient and the pharmacist will give the medicine having that ingredient. But in India doctor will prescribe the commercial name of the medicine and hence the patient will go for purchasing the same brand. These days there is some improvement in generic medicine sales. In Every area at least we are able to locate at least one generic medicines selling outlet.
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    On one side people do not aware what is generic. On the other side, people strongly believed that if a product sold at higher price, it should be quality wise good and if sold for lesser price the quality should be poor.

    Simple thing I wish to point out here. One day, I and my wife planned to get some vegetables in the evening at a nearby Pazhamuthirsolai for a function in our house on the next day. But in the early hours of noon a cart person sold ladies fingers on our street. By seeing that, my wife bought two kilos at Rs.20 per kilo - quality found good only but price is twenty rupees. Evening we saw the same type of ladies fingers in the pazhamuthirsolai at Rs.80 per kilo. A lady who is picking the vegetable told another that 'The product is very good in quality though they are charging little more.' Is the sixty rupees found little more?

    Though people ready to buy generic medicines there are people around them to confuse about the quality.

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    Doctors prescribing patented medicine when prescribing English medicine. Medical representatives used to see the doctors and tell him or her about the benefits of their medicine, as well as the company's representatives about the company's special incentives given to the doctor if prescribing the medicine to patients. It is rumored that the benefits range from watches and gold coins to cars and flats/apartments. Up to some gold coin is also in my experience. Therefore, doctors are insisting on buying only drugs prescribed in the prescription and not using even its substitutes. The poor patients are also obliged to obey it.
    However, the government has stipulated that allopathic doctors should prescribe the generic name of the drug when prescribing medicine. Even the medical department does not dare to look into whether it is being implemented. On the other hand, if the government took action against this, all doctors would write down the generic name of each drug, and the poorest would go to the branches of the Pradhan Manthri Jen Oushadhi Kendra and buy such drugs for a pittance. But the government did not dare to do so, as the IMA would immediately intervene, and it causes problems if such a move was made in the name of any doctor. We also know that even the IMA's Ethics Committee will put all ethics aside and advocate for that doctor. This own experience was also responded to and shared my personal experience in a thread similar to this in the ISC months ago.

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    Generic medicines are cheaper than the branded ones though chemicals and formulations inside are same. Some people have doubt on the generic medicines that in some places they might be fake also though there is no logical reason behind that type of feelings. When the big companies are asked as why they cannot lower the cost of their medicines then they cite all the reasons like high maintenance and operating costs to run their business. In the name of quality they might be realising higher profits that is to be found by the concerned Govt authorities who are responsible for maintaining the prices of the medicine in the pharmaceutical market. In small and remote places where poor people are not able to afford the branded medicines, the generic medicines are very common and are most of the time available with the local chemists and drugstores.
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    Many people are not aware about the generic drugs and what that nomenclature actually means and some of the people even consider that the cheaper medicines might not give results and go for the branded companies. It is not understood why there is so much price variation between the branded company drugs as compared to the generic drugs made by some smaller companies. I think doctors has a responsibility to make the public aware about these things.
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    Just now I had been to a regular generic shop to have my monthly diabetic medicines numbering five and he shall always keeps the stock. Today the stock was over and the medicines are expected after three days. That means the generic shop suppliers are also creating artificial shortage so as to enhance their profit margin. Now a days we are getting whooping discount on generic medicines and the shop owners getting less margin. May be for this reason they are creating shortage of items. Moreover they are not giving part medicines but only full strip to which many are averse and not taking medicines in the generic shops.
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