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    Neither is nothing nor is everything.

    If someone asks us on today's date, do you have everything, then hardly only a few special people will answer it as yes. Some people say that we have nothing, life is very bad, while the few people will say that we have everything but is it really everything. The world is so big and even today there are many secrets which are mysterious, so we cannot say that what is seen is the only truth and whatever we have is just everything. A person can not say that he has nothing because in reality when he/she has life, that is, there is something to live for. One thing is certain from this that there is a lot in the world but what we want to buy, it depends on our thinking. Our inner potential and our faith keep helping us to get something that we want from this world.
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    You can check and then say whether a container is empty or full. Life is not a container, so the term having everything or nothing may not hold true in this case. It's not important how many materials you purchased or how much property you have. Rather, contentment in life is necessary. If you are content you will never even think about what you have. Some may think that contentment is all about accumulating wealth or fulfilment of every wish, in reality, it is not. If people look for various things to remain content then the wait may be endless. Realizing various aspects of our lives and then taking action accordingly can help us to be content.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Having everything or having nothing are two opposite ends but this gap between these two ends is connected by something. Everybody can't have everything at any moment in his life because of its impossibility, likewise, the negation of something as nothing is also a white lie because it is also not possible that someone has nothing in his possession.
    However, some people might be seen saying of having everything when they are extremely happy for having what they have been dreaming of for a long time to have, but literally, they have not everything, nor is possible to have.
    A similar opposite reaction may come from a person who has almost all the things which he requires but for lacking in something which he has longed for having it for a long time haven't got it yet or has missed yet, might be yelling of having nothing.
    This place is strange where everybody can not be happy if he is greedy about everything.

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    It is not possible to have everything in our life. One should satisfy with whatever he is having and can try for more if he has time and energy. At the same saying that I have nothing in my life is also not correct. If you have nothing how are you sustaining. There is a shelter to live in and there is something to eat. There are many people who sleep on the roads and beg for their food. It all depends on your perception.
    Because of the pandemic, you are not able to go out and enjoy yourself. But there are people who are forced to go out. If they are not going out they will not have their food. When compared to them you are safe. One should not forget this.
    We should always have satisfaction. We should thank God for all that he has given to us. We should thank him that he made us safe even though many people are suffering. Once you start thinking in these lines you will have positive thoughts and feel happy with what is available to you.

    always confident

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