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    Have you also seen such Eid moon?

    We all know that the importance of the moon of Eid is always valuable, but here I am talking about those people who always try to hide themselves just like the moon of Eid. Actually, these people are often called the moon of Eid in our colloquial language. There are some people in our family or sometimes around us whose whole world is settled in one room inside their houses and they hardly like to go outside and meet others. When such people sometimes suddenly appear, we use this phrase for them. Although it's one own choice to live life in their own way still we are a part of this beautiful world, and we should enjoy its beauty, connect ourselves with nature and people. Do you also know some of these people or are you also like to be an Eid moon? Please share your experience or opinions.
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    Yes. I know some people who never want to spend time with people and in society. They sit in their room or house and never move out. That is not good. You may be having a lot of money and you may be self-sufficient. But you should not think that you don't require anybody's help anytime.
    It gives pleasure to all of us if we meet people and spend some time with them. Then only when need comes somebody will come to your rescue. In this world we don't know what risk will come at any time and who may be helpful to us in overcoming that difficult times.

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    The title of this thread confused me for a moment. To become the moon of Eid is an adage. It is part of the Hindi subject of almost every class up to the intermediate final. In old days it was used for a person by another person when someone would not meet for a long time but nowadays, this internet and social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc all these platforms have made every user as Moon of Eid.
    We should not be so much engrossed in this addiction. We should socialise with people. also. I have seen these people who stay away from mingling with other people find themselves helpless on some occasion when truly need people to be with them.

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    The author has nicely compared the crescent with that some people who keep hiding and appear at their will as if they were absconding for wanting. What is the use of this life if we are not meeting with others and getting to know their welfare and well being. Many people does not expect money or help but just a casual talk of inquiring would sooth them very much and they would remember. Especially those who are ailing they wanted to meet those who were regulars to them in the past and in that case we must try to meet them. Why some want to live a aloof life as if they are going to be robbed of everything they have. And these are the people who are going to suffer in the long run because at the time of emergencies no one would visit them and they wold feel the pinch of having discarded others for no reason in the past.
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