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    Should we listen to the body alerts in time?

    Many times we feel tired and take a rest and then become ready for another hectic schedule. Taking rest and breaks is always useful to prepare for the next assignment to be completed physically or mentally. Many times we feel tired and take rest but do not feel to start the next set of jobs. If it is due to laziness then it is an entirely different matter but when the body refuses to cooperate then we must be alert and alarmed as something wrong is going in the body. My feeling is that our body gives us signals many times to stop or not venture for the next work and better consult a doctor for preventive check-ups but unfortunately many of us ignore these signals that our body tries to alert us time to time and then when it is too late we are forced to see a doctor who tells us that we should have gone to him earlier. Have you any such experience like that in your life?
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    That is true. We will be getting a signal from our body in time if there is any problem inside. We should notice them and should not neglect them. If we take the required action immediately, the problem will not increase and we can get it cured easily by using medicine or other home remedies. But if we ignore them, the problem may become severe or chronic and we may have to face difficulties in getting cured.
    Sometimes the signals will tell us that we are getting aged and we should not do certain works. We should understand and conduct ourselves in a safe way. One of the known persons in his 75th year climbed onto the top of the water tank and while getting down he has fallen down and suffered a lot in the hospital before he became normal. So we should attempt which are safe for our age and body and always respect the alerts from the body and take all necessary precautions so that you will have good health.

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    Body provides some signals in case of emergency and if not followed in time, we may invite more problems. As we grow older, we may not have sound sleep in night and we want to avoid any medication simply for the reason we will be addicted to the same if used on the regular basis. This idea is not bad but if we feel the spell of the daytime, this should not be ignored. Similarly, balance of the body is distorted due to advancing age and we go to the top of the roof alone by means of a ladder attached to the wall, our hands may slip and chances are there of our falling. Hence an adequate care needs to taken of ourselves with the progression of our age for our own safety.

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    It is true and sure that our body sends signals and that is the alarm we should brace up to face the health issues that may start from the headache, leading to nausea and eventually the vomiting. When the both sides above the ears starts beating, it is the signal for me for either food poison or non digestive of food taken overnight. And for my relief within half an hour of head ache I get the syptom of vomiting and and then total relief. May be the body has been made by the God to give us the enough indication to alert us. One thing is sure if we do not attdend the alerts in time then we are doomed to have bigger disease in future.,
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    Right, our body automatically indicates us when should we take rest, when should we be active, when we need energy our body will help to feel the hunger, and when we need water it indicates us to have a glass of water. One should never ignore these signals but in most of the cases, we found where people are too careless or negligent for their health and never want to understand the demands of the body. There is a very common behavior that we often find when a person is hungry and if he/she does not want to have a meal due to any reason, it makes them more irritating or they feel more anger because their body needs food but they are not providing it the same, so body shows these signals, in the form of negative emotions.

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    Human body is a very complex biological machine which has its own working and own mind to guide itself. Even the best computer cannot be compared with the vastness of human mind and its functioning. Our body has a great capacity and capability to survive even in adverse conditions. It definitely gives us signals and alarms for taking preventive measures but we in our over confidence just ignore it and suffer subsequently. As said that prevention is better than cure, it is imperative that we must respect the signals that the body flags time to time to save us from future ailments and ealth related difficulties.
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    When our body is tired after working for hours we need rest. I don't think that we should wait for any other signal from our body. We should take some rest to refresh our body. It is a quite natural activity. What the author wants to intend has something else that body hints at something to take step else we may face some problems. It is our mind which guides us or in other words that control our all organs. If we ignore these signals we might fall into problems. If our body is suffering from any disease our body gives signals if we are serious about these signals and consult a doctor in time we are cured .

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