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    How come the virus waves first second and third?

    We all know that Wuhan of China is the place from where Corona wave started and spread around the world. China has effectively controlled and managed the deadly virus with a minimum number of deaths ( below 4000). Now China is the happiest nation without any Corona/Covid 19.

    Now we are facing the second wave of Corona. And we are also expecting a third wave of corona.
    How come these second wave and third wave? Is China responsible for the second and third wave? If not China, who are the creators of the second and third wave of Covid 19?
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    Corona second wave brought havoc for people. Many people died of it. How dead bodies were disposed of was horrible. Now, what happened all of a sudden coronavirus has stopped killing people? Why it happened is a mystery for me. I am unable to understand it. If it has gone from our country then why the government should spend so much money on vaccination?
    It is also being said that people who were vaccinated are prone to black fungus. It is not best to avoid black fungus by not having vaccination? Several other rumours are spreading messages on the internet.
    Now it is being said that the third wave of coronavirus is about to come. The author has raised a question when corona was started from Wuhan and now Wuhan is coronavirus free then who is responsible for the second and third wave of this virus?
    I don't have an answer but his question has weight.

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    Many observations suggest that the coronavirus may have leaked from the Wuhan Virology Lab in China. Although the Chinese claim that it originated from bats and that the virus has been found in bats, the world is not ready to believe it. Authorities are worrying if the Wuhan lab is just a virology lab or a laboratory testing biological weapons. Therefore, they must have already prepared an antidote against them. If the virus jumps out of the lab for some unforeseen reason, the system may be ready to deal with its sequence. Vaccination or other measures that are part of such a system may have been used to control the death and help to bring it back to normal quickly.

    It has been discovered that the second wave was created by the multiplication of viruses into variants in the first wave. It was then that the Central Government complained to the UN that the word 'Indian variant' was defamatory of our country. Hence, the coronavirus variants began to be called alpha, beta, gamma, and delta variants. They are not the first corona-19 viruses. They can be deformed or mutated. It is now reported that a new variant called Delta + has been discovered in India. It will not be easy to eradicate them from the world as they change shape in this way. It seems to me that we will have to live the rest of our lives with variants of the sovereign corona like the flu and flu we are so familiar with. Another thing to say specifically about black fungus. The statement that black fungus infects people who have been vaccinated is completely false. There is a growing suspicion that black fungus can spread to people who have been in the air-conditioned ICU for days after being infected with the coronavirus. And there is no doubt or suspicion of the presence of Black Fungus in those who have been vaccinated.

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    China is doing some research to develop this virus, that is what many people believe. That means they know about the virus they are aiming for. So they may be knowing how to kill it also. That is why they are able to control the virus in their country very effectively? At the same time, other countries don't have any information about the virus and hence they are not able to control it as effectively as China, I feel.
    Once the virus is spread it may mutate into other forms. These are called variants. These variants may be better and friendly than the first one or they may be severe than the first one. The virus in the second wave found to be active than the first variant. But we don't know what is going to happen in the third wave. Unnecessary predictions and propagate those predictions are creating more problems. Vaccination is a very good to avoid the virus and let us not think that vaccine is not required.

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    It is widely believed that this deadly virus leaked from China only and it is not known what were the intentions of China in developing it. Anyway not going in details of that investigation which is already going under WHO, once this deadly virus leaked in the society then it was a big problem as we have seen in the past 1-1/2 year across the globe. Until the drug or a perfect vaccine is invented for this menace it is difficult to predict as how many waves will be there. The problem is that once we release the lock downs and try to open all the places gradually for boosting the business and providing employment to the people, this virus starts its head up again through the crowds and mixing of the people. It is nothing new as in past also many virus troubled the society but once a drug was invented to kill them then they were controlled easily.
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    As the first wave was taken light by many state govts, they are not able to contain the public movements nor the covid protocols were followed and thus the virus penetrated in the community and the society. Adding to that some super spreaders were unknowingly spreading the disease whereever they went and soon the virus gone airborne . So the second wave was the result of negligence on the part of thoses states like Maharastra, Delhi , Goa, Assam and Kerala. And being negligent and not taking the vaccines, India is having one more threat of third wave and that is going to affect the infants and already I raised a alarm thread that one infant case was detected in Sangareddy district of our state and we need to be more alert now. The more the complicated vaccine policy getting delayed the more the risk of new cases and thereof.
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