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    Why many among us not seeing other's side

    I am seeing daily in many houses, that people among us do not care on others.

    When the others watching television one seeing his mobile comics loudly. If somebody calls over mobile instead of taking the mobile to outside, they talk to the caller with louder voice by ignoring others watching television. But moreover they argue that the phone call is important over the television programme.

    Similarly when somebody sleeping in the house, people do not care him but doing his or her work by making noise. My father when he was in service came to the house for lunch and after lunch he took rest for 15 minutes before going back to office. My mother postponed all works till his going back to office. One day on some urgency, my mother have to clean a vessel during that time. For this, she put gunny cloths on the vessel cleaning place to avoid noise and cleaned the vessel.

    Another issue, when somebody comes to our house people do not switch off the television as they watches or even mute the voice to invite the comer.
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    Most of the people behavior has become more selfish and self oriented without giving credence to others need and expectations and the moves are always against the wishes of others. The author has given the rarest of the rare behavior by the people against the wishes of others. It seems many are not liking the presence of others and want to discard them through one issue or the other and hence not giving credence. Some house holds has the bad habit of washing utensils late in the night not caring for those who are sleeping down stairs and the steel sink sound is horrible to listen by the downstair residents.
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    These things are very common these days in many houses. Irrespective of age groups all are getting addicted to mobiles and they watch videos, chat with friends and speak to relatives. Everything they do on mobiles. They are not worried about others. If a very old person is trying to pass time seeing TV, the other people may not like it as that man requires full sound to hear properly. This conflict of interests will be creating rifts between people. One should have the nature of adjustment with others. That is lacking these days in the people. If we start thinking from the other's side only we can understand their problems. But who will do it?
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    Complaint of the author is not meaningless. This changing attitude and behaviour of people may annoy anybody in the family or a visitor. All situations mentioned by the author indicate how people are indifferent. They have become insensitive. It affects the whole ambience of a family and others also. If any visitor visits your home and you display indifference by constantly focussing on your gadget instead of entertaining your visitor. Do you expect if he will visit you again? Suppose you visit him in future he may treat you in a more humiliating way, then you will not be in a position to complain about his misbehaviour.
    I think children are badly affected by these bad manners.

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    There is a poetic verse in Malayalam: " Avanavn aathma sukhathin acharikkunnava aparannu sukhathinayi varenam" it means, Those who did anything for self-satisfaction should be also for the happiness of others". In the present situation, it is confined to poetry and the book in which it is written. Not only does one not want to leave his or her comforts and not seek the other, but also the other engages in activities that are only for his/her pleasure, no matter what happens to the other. Adults are reluctant to compromise their comforts for the needs of the elderly and children at home, which can be said to be a recent change. In our childhood, when grandparents came home, it was a celebration and everyone competed with each other to keep their needs running smoothly. It's a competition to get them to ask what they want and to make them from time to time. It also focused on silencing an area for young children to sleep during those days. Such values ??are now forgotten. The special reason for that is that we have grown up with difficulty so far, but the parents' thinking that their children should not experience those difficulties and grow up with anything less should be considered a change in the children. Such things are not learned entirely from school alone but should be taught by parents from an early age. Its deficiency also occurs in respecting the elderly.
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    It is because many people started thinking that the world is theirs only and not for others. If you think like this then naturally you will not even care whether your associates at home or at the workplace are inconvenienced by your actions. This depends on how a child is brought up. If they find such insensitivities among their parents they will imbibe those things and this behaviour will continue even when they grow up. The problem is turning from bad to worse because nowadays many parents do not think of spending quality time with their children. They remain busy with themselves either on their Laptops or other smart mobile devices. They also hand over such devices to their children so that they do not 'disturb' their parents. If the parents do not want to get 'disturbed' by their children then we can imagine what may happen when these children grow up.

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