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    Blood donation is a great donation. Today is World Blood Donation Day.

    Today is World Blood Donor Day and the beginning of the National Blood Donation Parade. Every drop of blood is enough to save the lives of many. A healthy person can donate blood again after 8 weeks. Young people should donate blood before vaccination during this Covid-19 pandemic period. Blood donation should be done at least 2 months after vaccination. Donating blood is also very good for one's own body. Within 24 hours, new blood is produced to replace the lost blood. It is safe for an adult to donate blood. Blood can be donated to six people who do not have infections such as cold or flu, etc. I remember reading that it has been found that people who donate blood frequently (after a regular interval) usually have a stronger immune system and are more likely to live longer.
    We can donate our blood and be part of saving lives.
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    On the world blood donation day I send my greetings and best wishes to all who have donated blood on this day and sometime or the other in their life to save other life. There are three noble cause through which one get the personal satisfaction. Donating organs after death, donating eyes after death and donating blood during the life time. I have given the blood donation more than six times so far and who ever approaches me with blood donation I have obliged. But what I feel that though we are ready to give the blood, the doctors at the center would ask for our health details and if we are suffering from the diabetes then our blood may not be useful to others. Nevertheless I call upon the youth who are hale and healthy and having good eating habits to donate the blood often and the blood replenishes fast after donating.
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    I wish all the members of ISC on this World Blood Donation Day. I never know there is one such day. Thanks to the author for educating me.
    Blood donation is very good and the blood donated by us may save the life of a person. I know in this Covid pandemic many people were searching for plasma and many people after recovering from Covid came forward to donate plasma. They might have saved some people by this.
    Once my brother's son was in the hospital and they wanted us to get two bottles of blood. I and my brother has searched all over the city and found the required group. We took two people with us and they donated their blood to the blood bank and then the blood bank gave us the blood. The need for blood will be known in such times only.

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    Blood donation is a great and praiseworthy deed. This precious donation may give new hope for new life. Some people are really great they don't see who the person is but if they come to know that someone needs blood for his life and their blood is of the same group which is required for the patient they come and donate blood. It happened with one relative of mine. It is about two-decades-old incidents that his younger brother was admitted to a hospital in Delhi. There was no blood of his group in the blood bank. He was too much worried. He was making calls again and again to his friends and relatives from PCO. They were late to come and doctors were asking him again and again about blood as the patient's life could be in danger. So he was too much worried. His mind was not working properly on what to do, then what came to his mind that he just started dialling an unknown number. Someone picked up the phone from the other end and he told him that his brother needed blood. Coincidently his blood was the same. He asked the hospital name ward number etc and within half an hour that stranger was there to donate his blood.

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    And it is really nice to experience donating blood for the first time feeling it will help save someone's life. I was so excited to donate blood for the first time as soon as I turned 18 and the day blood donation camp was organised in our college. Even though my blood pressure was very high initially due to fear of injections but I calmed down and requested the doctor to please wait for me. And as soon as my nerves calm down I donated blood.
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    Blood donation is definitely a noble task and this could save the life of the patients for whom it is to be denoted. Today, being celebrated as the blood donation day, we should not hesitate to join in such a noble mission if the situation warrants. We need to ensure that we are not suffering from cold and any viral disease before the donation of the blood. This little care will prevent others receiving blood from any infection by way of transmission of blood. If we are healthy, we can donate blood six times in a year. During this pandemic phase, if we have been vaccinated, blood should be donated after the elapse of two months after the vaccination. For the senior citizens, they need the consultations of the doctors before donating the bloods for their own safety.

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    The feeling of being able to save someone's life is irreplaceable. I love to donate blood, I feel that's the least we can do to help someone. I still remember an incident that when I was very young, I saw my father one night in extreme tension and stress. My mother was a kidney patient and that night my father was arranging for blood for my mother who was admitted in the hospital. I automatically after knowing his problem said that my mother's blood group and mine are same, so take me tomorrow , i would donate, to which he said smiling, you are too young and you at least need to be 18 to donate blood, that was the day i knew what would be the first thing i would do when i turn 18. And I am so proud of myself for the same, as I could save someone's life.
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