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    Without knowing fully do not comment others

    Many people comments about one to others without proper knowledge about him/her.
    A friend of mine who used to have a small box in his briefcase in which he keeps general tablets for fever, head ache, vomit, loose motion, band-aid etc. He keeps this for others need in some urgency. This he follows since his entry into job. After his marriage, he was commented by his brother in law to his wife about this by saying, 'take care, your husband habitually taking some medicines which may harm to his health as he takes medicines without doctor's consultation.' She initially believed her brother's words seriously but after seeing the contents of the box casually satisfied herself and changed her mind. Later on one day she told this to her husband and told him not to care others. After sometime, she called her brother and sternly told him the purpose of keeping the medical box with her husband and not to suspect unnecessarily, though it is out of his worry on her. But this affected worst in her mind about her brother on the bad comment without knowing the reason.
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    The author has shared the happening of not knowing fully well and yet commenting on others leading to face off and even the worst quarrel. It is the fact that we should know the details before commenting on others. The other day there was as issue in my friends office when a product was to be delivered personally when the customer comes and purchase the same in their godown. The peon does not know this arrangement and sent back the customer from the entrance itself and having got hurt as the customer paid and asked to come and collect and having seen the bad expereince he cancelled the order and sought refund.
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    I agree with the author, some people have a habit of speaking without thinking and such people never learn to know what was the whole situation or what was the whole story. After considering with their own mind, they take it on the basis of their own assessment and then start making baseless comments. Such people not only make others sad, but sometimes the situation also comes in such a way that those who comment without thinking have to be ashamed of themselves. It is wise to take complete information first and then comment only, otherwise, silence is the best.

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    That is true. Without knowing the reasons for the behaviour of others, we should not comment. That will unnecessarily create problems and sometimes the relations will also get spoiled. To understand the viewpoint of the other person we have to step into his shoes and understand his problems. Then only we can comment or suggest.
    In this world, these days everybody is having their own problems and they may be busy in solving their problems. As such where will be the time for them to study other's issues. In such a case, one should not comment on others.
    One of my distinct relatives is having this habit. He will come to me and comment badly about others. By mistake, if I utter something, he will carry that word and add something and tell the other person. The rift between us will increase. I know him well and hence I will never say any word about the third person with that person.
    Some people will tend to talk bad about others. We should remember that we will also be doing many deeds and there is a chance for others to comment on us. When we start thinking like that, automatically we will stop commenting on others without knowing the issues completely.

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    Even after having full knowledge making a comment about the other person should be avoided. Everybody has her/his own way of leading life and they should also respect others' choice. Actually, many people are habituated to make a comment about others and they look for like-minded people to support their views. In some cases, if they do not find such people to support their views they may try to involve others to give them a bad name. Whether you criticise or support a view you must have full knowledge of it otherwise, it will be something like hitting the ball without seeing it. In that case, you have every chance of getting out.

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    The author opined that nobody should give comments about any activity of others without knowing him and his activity properly.
    The author is right. Speaking about someone without valid information creates misconception between them and it is not good for their relationship.
    Some people have this bad habit that once they are informed about someone snd they begin to comment or spread rumour without knowing authenticity of the information. Generally, people stay away from such people and don't open their mouth in their presence. Any information is given to them with this condition that they will not divulge It to others, as soon as they go from the spot and they will reveal it to others. Perhaps they feel pain in their stomach and they don't get relief until they divulge it to other people.
    But the incident mentioned in this thread doesn't fall in this category because the person who compalinted his wife about her husband's habit of keeping medicines. I think his intention was not bad.

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    Commenting casually by anyone on any person is considered in a bad taste though may people do it in real life situations. It is not only in bad taste but has also hidden dangers of spoiling relations between people. The person who has done a casual comment disappears from the scene and might not be worried for its consequences but when people take casual things also seriously then the pandora box of misunderstanding opens. It is imperative that we should weigh our tongue before speaking and make a remark only after ascertaining the facts and figures. There is no hurry of making a remark without knowing the things in their real perspective.
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    Many people do lose comments which have far reaching consequences. Commenting without the knowledge of the matter is the worse thing and we should at any cost refrain from it. Actually, this type of commenting is considered to some extent in the nature of back biting because by doing this a person spreads wrong message and wrong information about another person.
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