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    Is it real that some vaccine doses are getting wasted.

    We are seeing in the news that some percentage of vaccine doses supplied to various states are getting wasted. The State-wise break up of the wastage is given in the newspapers.
    How so much quantity is getting wasted. I feel something wrong with this. I heard some people are getting vaccinated and their names are not getting registered on the list. In a village, the vaccination is going on for above 45 years old people. But I heard that some influential persons are getting their family members who are below the age also get vaccinated but their names are not registered. At the same time, I heard that some people are giving these vaccines to private hospitals at a cost. We know that in our country there is corruption everywhere and probably in this issue also corruption may be taking place. What are the views of other members on this?
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    It seems the vested interests in the opposition run state goverments are creating such scenes and shortages and also the wastages so that the central govt should be blamed for not handling the vaccine program for good and they be maligned. When every shot of vaccine is registered through the central govt seeding through Aadhaar card, there cannot be shortage or wastage. The states which want to earn through the vaccine has now started the blame game by creating worst situation of shortage and wastage. I do not believe in such wastage in government hospitals but there may cases of favoritism and wastage in private hospitals.
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    The wave of corruption, as always, makes every area its victim, the same thing is happening under the vaccination program. There is no doubt that some people, taking advantage of their power and status, are wrongly violating the rules and giving the benefits of vaccination to their people. Till now no such case has come to my knowledge in which registration is not done after vaccination, but anything is possible in this corrupt society. Most of the people today are those who know how to make the most of bad times and this time is probably encouraging them. Anyways, we cannot stop this corruption but we can do our best for others' interest, for this, we have seen even those after their vaccination who are helping other people to get slots free of cost so that the benefit of vaccination reaches all the countrymen on time.

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    Wastage of vaccine is being reported from many quarters and it is a matter of serious concern. There could be many reasons for that. One reason could be the negligence of using the vaccine within the stipulated expiry time. Other could be the hoarding of the vaccine for some influencial people and in that process some might get misplaced and wasted. So, the main reason is lack of good governace in the system and in any corrupt system it is not possible to check the pilferage and wastage of valuable resources.
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    There is a big demand for the vaccines and at the same time we are hearing news in the media that some vaccines are getting wasted. This is a contradictory situation. It means that we are not able to utilise the vaccines in time due to whatever reasons like shortage of staff etc and then some vaccines are getting expired resting in the shelf. But these could be very well given to some other centres where staff is available but vaccine is in short supply.
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    K Mohan,

    Your response implies that State Govts. are deliberately wasting vaccines just so that the Central Govt. gets the blame for mismanagement of the vaccination drive. Isn't that really far-fetched, not to mention ludicrous? Would any State Govt. go out of its way to do so, rather than focusing on reducing the infections and deaths by ensuring more and more residents in their States are protected against the rampaging virus?

    The reports of vaccine wastage seem to be more due to the continuing reluctance of many people, especially in towns and rural areas, to take the jab. There is also the issue of the high cost of a vaccine in a private hospital. While a few may go there, if the entire vial of 10 doses is not utilized, the remaining doses will be wasted.

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    One topic of this thread is wastage, and another is corruption. About the latter, it has arisen due to people getting desperate to get the vaccine and taking advantage of their connections to do so. I had mentioned in another thread how schools are setting up paid vaccination drives for their students who are pursuing higher studies abroad in collaboration with private hospitals. Why don't these hospitals in the megacities come forward to arrange for free vaccination drives for youngsters in rural areas as well? If they can acquire vaccines for the rich, can they not do so for the poor as a philanthropic venture? I am sure the Trust/Management of the hospitals can garner the required funds to do so in collaboration with corporate firms as part of their CSR policies.
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