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    How best you manage criticism, disappointment and defeat ?

    We all know every day many not be favorable to us and we need to face the worst happenings around us and we must have courage enough to take what ever comes the way. Criticism is the most common thing used by our enemies and non liker who want bring defame to us and thus constant effort to corner us could be seen. Disappointment is another negative aspect of life which sometimes happen unexpectedly to which we may even go for crying. And defeat is something which many would have witnessed as the success comes to few. Any comments ?
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    One should not worry about defeats or losses. It is all in the game. We should take them as lessons to us. We should learn from those defeats. We should analyse the whole issue and understand where we went wrong. This analysis will be our experience and we will never do that mistake. Then we should forget about that defeat and move forward in life. This is the best attitude.
    In this world, many people are there who will criticise others easily. They may not know what are their mistakes but always concentrate on others only. If there is something useful in others criticism take it. Otherwise, leave it and there will not be any problem for you. If we start worrying about all useless criticism we will be wasting our time. So not caring for such remarks is the best.
    Disappointments may have to be faced by us due to various reasons. Sometimes due to our mistakes and sometimes due to reasons beyond our control, we may have to face disappointment. But don't strike there and think that the past is history and we can't change it. Start working and live in present. That is the best policy.

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    Criticism is two faceted - negative and positive. Negative criticism is attributed to rivalry, enmity or ill-feeling whereas positive criticism is attributed to the healthy analysis of the performance of someone that encourages a person to tweak shortcomings. But some people don't like criticism at all. There is no positive or negative criticism in their dictionary. If somebody criticises them with the good intention they will be exasperated. When they don't tolerate healthy criticism then how they can accept their defeat. Obviously, these people are habitual to win against their rivals and competitors. They will snatch victory from the jaws of the opponent, even in this situation that their opponent has been declared victorious. Defeat brings sorrow and disappointment, and they have not learnt to be disappointed and sorrow has no place in their lives.
    This is their life and they live as per their conditions and rules. these people are always self-confident. When they move forward, they move to write history.

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    Everyone must have an awareness that failure and success, sorrow and joy, and provocative words, compliments, and criticism all are part of one's life. We must always keep this basic lesson in our minds. They are the eruptions of the mental trade-offs that make one overjoyed at victory, grieve over defeat, shine brightly when receiving compliments, and fade away when faced with criticism. We must be prepared to deal with everything in moderation. But while many people are tolerant of positive criticism, and they are not ready to deal with negative criticism in such a manner. If we are mentally prepared to reject negative criticism with undeserved contempt and to make the necessary changes in life and actions at the cost of positive criticism, we will not have to panic. Thus everyone can manage and overcome criticism, disappointment, and defeat. This thought will benefit everyone for life success and career advancement.
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    Disappointed, defeat and criticisms are a part and parcel of the lives we live. If we want to grow and become better then we will face all these at our path. Every body and different way to deal with these emotions or hurdles if one may say so. Disappointment is bound to come to one while trying to improve, we often create unreachable goals for us and therefore when we don't achieve them, we a feeling of disappointed over us. Defeat is something one has to face to enjoy a win, we will atleast once face defeat and that should ideally give us strength to keep fighting and win. Critisism are usually two faced. With positive critisism we should not let them get to our head and keep working hard, similarly with negative critisism we should let it keep our morale down and take it as a gateway to improve. Honestly, whenever I face with any three of these I take time for myself, it isn't easy to face these strong feelings therefore I give myself enough time to think over and get over it, it's hard to just overlook it and move on. I give myself time absorb the truth and then finally move on.
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