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    Your talk may be smaller but detailing is must

    When ever we are asked to say something in the meeting or at a function on the subject even not known beforehand, we must manage such situation and start the talk with little detailing so that we must give chance to others also to express their views either to support or contradict our talks. Some have the habit of giving lengthy talk to everyone without substance or essence in their summarizing and thus the audience would not understand at all. Therefore be precise and with little details so that the talk is understood by the target audience.
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    Talking is an art. Some can talk very attractively even though there is no subject in their talk. Some may talk very precisely and fully loaded with the subject but they may not be able to take the talk to the hearts of the listeners. A person who talks well and who has the full information about the subject will do the best job always.
    As a matter of fact, both are required. A good modulation of the voice with good vocabulary added to the subject knowledge will always make the talk attractive.

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    Speech and preaching are art. Many will earn it by experience. There are even those who go to training to become good preachers. Even so, owning it is still beyond the reach of the average person. Then also the speech of some is experienced in such a way that it is not with a start and a fine finish by the audience. They start with a subject, go through many other subjects, and finally come and end on any other subject. Not only is listening to that sermon of no benefit to any listener, but the time spent on it is just a waste. After the meeting, they call some from the audience and ask them how the talk was and how good it was. The speaker will be the head of some companies and organizations. Therefore, everyone will leave a comment saying that the speech was very great. It is the need for their existence. They say so because they do not have the guts to say they did not understand anything. So under no circumstances, those leaders will not change their style of speaking.
    The talk must be addressed to the audience. It is best to avoid large expressions that are too digestible for the listeners. Speeches should be tailored to the quality and mood of the listeners. It is understood by the audience, and the speaker is responsible for resolving their doubts. Only take such a venture into such adventures if you can do it perfectly.

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    Some people are shy of speaking in public whereas some people have amazing confidence to start extempore. They are perfect rhetoric. I have seen such people. They can convince people also. Everybody does not have these qualities.
    But the theme of the thread is intended something else that communication should be lucid and clear with all required details. I agree with it that communication should be understood fully by all people who are listening to this communication. I don't like ambiguity in speech or written work because it creates a communication gap between speaker or writer and audience or reader respectively.

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    The author is right that our talk must be precise and to the point while conversing with the people. However, all are not the masters in such representations. They would talk a lot irrelevant to the topic and their informations might lack some points.
    Here the author has stressed that communication should be clear so that the other party understands fully and there is no ambiguity in it. This can be achieved through the practice and if we want to have these things to be included in our conversation, it is better to write the relevant points in our note books so that these things are represented in course of conversation.

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    One must know what she/he is talking about. Speaking just for the sake of speaking is of no use and it conveys nothing to those who are listening. One has to speak in a way so that the others listen. Now others will listen when they find the way of talking is good and understandable and it has some meaning. If the talk has a lot of substance in it but nobody understands then it conveys nothing. On the other hand, if the talk has no substance but the speaker speaks in an understandable and good way then initially there will be a few listeners but later on, the number of listeners can come down suddenly.

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    The purpose of talking is to make a precise communication with others and if this objective is not met then the whole purpose of talking is lost. Some people are very good in expressing things and the listener understand exactly what is being told. At the same time there are people who tell us something but we are not able to make out as what they want and what they want to tell us. If it is so then it is a sorry state of affairs and we must avoid such speakers and such company because that would be a wastage of time in breaking our heads as what the other person means to say. If a person takes more time in explaining a thing then it is acceptable but clumsiness is unpardonable and people taking part in discussions or meeting should keep full care in this regard. Effective communication is the key to success of a meeting.
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