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    Today is Global Wind Day.

    June 15 is celebrated around the world as "Global Wind Day". The European Wind Energy Association (Wind Europe) named this day "Wind Day" in 2007 and organized programs. In 2009, the Global Wind Energy Association joined hands with the European Wind Energy Association intending to celebrate this day worldwide, and has since changed the name of the day to "Global Wind Day" or "World Wind Day" instead of "Wind Day".

    This is a day to learn about wind energy, its power, and the opportunities to rebuild energy structures, energize the economy and stimulate jobs, and thus the development of countries. This day is dedicated to bringing an understanding of wind energy, its potential, and the possibilities to change the world.

    From today, we can start thinking and trying to learn not only about the disasters caused by wind but also how to turn such disasters into good ones.
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    I wish all the members of ISC a happy Global Wind Day. Global warming is increasing day by day. So it is important to use energy forms like wind energy. A mature and mainstream technology is already developed and can be implemented wherever possible. It is also one of the fastest-growing industrial sectors in the world. . It is very important and more people should be aware of wind energy. On this day many countries work together to increase awareness about wind energy. It is one of the best ways to produce electricity and it is one of the best alternative sources for electricty.
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    May be the nature understood this day as just before two hours there was a heavy wind accompanied by heavy rains in Hyderabad and we had to wade through thigh full of water and many vehicles caught stuck up in the middle and many hoardings have been uprooted. When the global wind day is celebrated the nature seems to be warning us that nothing can be permanent and we are here in the world as guest and cannot own the things for permanent. The way the nature plays havoc with wind in coastal areas during the cyclone cannot be described and only be felt through those who gone the ordeal.
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    This day is all about celebrating the potential of wind energy. One of the important non-conventional sources of energy is Wind Energy and it has immense potential. When the pollution is increasing around the world our dependency on fuel and coal for electricity generation must come down. When a day is celebrated, it is done to spread some important messages to the people. A Happy Global Wind Day to all. Let's spread the message that Wind Energy can also be used as an alternative source of energy.

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    The author has shared a good information in this thread. Wind energy is being harnessed in many parts of the world and geographical locations where good wind flow exists. The great thing about this form of energy is that it is available in such places continuously and that makes a sense to use it for power generation. There has been much technological advancement in this particular area and newer and newer designs for wind turbines are coming in the market. India is also accelerating the use of this source of energy and this will be one of the important source of energy in our country. I also convey a happy world wind day to all.
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