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    We should have a good opinion about others

    I don't think it is a big issue if people have the wrong opinion about me. We can't stop people from having any opinion about us. Do we not ever have a negative opinion about someone without knowing the reason? Probably, we also have this bad habit. Nobody is perfect. We don't know what trait or activity of ours annoys other people but they never tell us. Do we ever ponder over this matter if any of our activity disturbs other people? Sometimes, misunderstanding between spouses destroys their family life. It may be observed that siblings also become enemies because of misunderstanding.
    If you have any complaint about any person confirm it directly to the concerned person. It is my habit. If someone tells me about any person something negative regardless of who the informer is I don't trust until I get it confirmed from the concerned person whose complaint was made about. I have noticed that people like this way of knowing reality about the matter.
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    It is even better if we do not form an opinion about others. We form some opinion about others based on many things which may not be true always. Many times people form some opinion about another person based on what others are saying about the person and this should be avoided at any cost. We wish to know or trust a person based on how we want to interact with them daily. Knowing and trusting a friend is different from knowing a stranger. A stranger can also become a friend one day based on mutual interactions. Now suppose if you rarely meet a person at the marketplace and greet each other then it is not necessary to know the person or even form some opinion about that person. The opinion about anybody is always associated with judging the person and when you try to judge a person things like good, bad, likings and dislikings all come together to make it more complex for you.

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    We have to respect others for many reasons. For their age, for the opinion and for their reach out to us during the crisis. There are people who doubt the authenticity and varacity of others talk and their bad opinion about others for no reason would have bad effect on the relations. All people are good and they talk sense, but people who converse them and having talk with them would judge them differently and here comes the difference of opinion. And once a person does a grave mistake in the life, he is seen with soar eyes and doubt his credentials. Such persons cannot get the good name in spite of being doing good works. One thing is sure , all the people cannot be discredited with bad opinion and that is not the good move. We may have difference of opinion and that does end to bad opinion about the person and it should be sorted out.
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    It is impossible to insist on having a good opinion of others. But we can insist on having a clear understanding of others. Somehow a worldview has taken root among us that, to make a good name for oneself in this world, he/she must badly portray those who are equally positioned with or slightly above them. Many still do not understand that it is nonsense. Society evaluates each person based on how they live, behave, and function in the community. Only a handful of people in the community can make a name for themselves by providing some assistance and facilities. But the fact that he who has nothing to give also deserves the good name of society should not go unnoticed. It is gained by his/her doings, behavior, and life within the society. Those who try to make a name for themselves through shortcuts are more likely to facilitate a small group and spread bad information about others. These campaign workers often do not even understand the whereabouts of this person. These are the people who repeat to what the person who did us the favor of the facility said. So we don't have to make bad comments about anyone else and don't have to tell others to blame others, to get a good reputation.
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    Once Ghalib a great Urdu poet said (which purports):

    I would eye on faults of others
    All dimmed as I glanced at mine

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    Having an opinion about anyone is fine but it needs to be according to their actions and not solely by hearing stories from others. We often get many points about a person from others and it keeps on filling our mind and thus getting an output which normally tends to be wrong or there are many who tends to do good acts in front to gain name or fame and thus spread false notions of good deeds through his fake friends. We can have an opinion and it should be only based on our practical experience for every person id different for others.

    Mr. A can be good to me but bad to Mr. B, normal to Mr. C, ignoring Mr. D, caring for Mr. E, rude to Mr. F, friendly to Mr. G, enemy to Mr. H, jolly to Mr. I, Funny to Mr. J, a guru to Mr. K, a brother to Mr. L, good samaritan to Mr. M, councilor to Mr. N, helper to Mr. O, Financer to Mr. P, etc and their opinion may be based on the character played by Mr. A towards him and thus their opinion may vary. Thus as written, it is better to have good opinion about others and then change as per your experience than just judging a person by the news, gossips or opinion from others.

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    Making wrong opinion about others based on some information from a third party will never be a true thing to follow. I fully agree that we have to make opinion about anyone based on our judgement. Why we should be forming an opinion so early and so easily abut a person without confirming and assuring about the related facts ourselves? In families, friendships, society etc many times people form some opinion about someone just like that and later that is found totally wrong and then we have nothing left except repenting on our haste and lack of patience.
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    Opinions are huge ideals. They influence our thought process as well as our actions towards other. Indeed one should always be careful when it comes to forming opinions of others. Negative opinion would not only corrupt the image of the person in our mind but also forms other judgements and prediction that aren't necessary at all. One should always side with forming and building positive opinion if at all have any opinion then. Personally, I don't care. I have very less opinions about people especially people whom I aren't very acquainted with. I tend to have thoughts and opinions of people I'm close to and still I try to keep them within myself and let them not influence my actions or words. One should try not to judge or form opinion solely because of one actions or something they heard. It's important to recheck. And if at all one doesn't go to your good side, it's for the best to avoid the person, we already have so much negativity, we don't need more. So rather than forming negative opinion I rather have no opinion at all.
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    It can also be understood in this way, as a writer, when we present any of our ideas through a thread, in the end, we expect the response of all other authors because we welcome their opinions, in the same way, we should welcome the opinion of others in our life as well. The thinking of every person, his opinion is formed on the basis of the circumstances of his life and we can call someone's opinion right, respect the opinions/views. We may always feel our opinions as best but at the same time, we can not deny the value of others' opinions.

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    Why should we form an opinion about a 3rd person who has not involved himself with our works? Everybody will have their own way of behaving and conducting themselves in the best possible way. We don't know what are their problems and what are their limitations. Without understanding fully we should not form some opinions.
    By observing them for a little while and without knowing the complete issues we should not make any opinion about that. If anyone asks our opinion about them, we should give our observations.

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    What people are going to say about us is not in our control but our opinion is always under our control. When we form an opinion about a person, we are actually exploring our own thoughts. No person can be the same and everyone's point of view is different, in such a situation when someone's point of view matches our point of view, then we naturally form a good opinion towards him, but if there is a feeling of conflict between him and our point of view. If so, our opinion will change. But the advice of the author is very appropriate, no matter how much difference there may be in our views, but we should always keep our opinion good and positive.

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