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    Don't take your mental life as the truth of your life.

    We live life with many aspects, it includes our family life, personal life, professional life, etc and one of these an important is our mental life. Every day we keep giving new life to ourselves with new ideas or thoughts. Many times we ourselves make up the thoughts that life is what we are feeling in our mental thoughts and we take this as the final conclusion. Many times we make this conclusion so strong that the mental life fixed that is in our thoughts becomes our reality, while it is not so. We deliberately keep making ourselves sad and helpless by remembering the difficult and struggling moments of our life in our thoughts. Mental life should be taken as a gift and if possible, present your mental life or drama in a pleasant way, its positive effect is definitely visible in your real life.
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    Agreeing with the authors words, I feel the best thing about time is , that it changes. Time heals, somedays you might feel losing zeal to live or get up and make it a part of life stating I am mentally weak. But trust me that is not the end of life. Mental life should definitely be taken as a gift, as many people do not have the blessing to be able to handle their mental stuff. In this world where mental health has been a taboo, it becomes very hard to actually be able to embrace ourselves, no doubt, but what makes us stronger is only YOU.
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    Life has different windows and each of them shows us a different panorama. We should not focus on imagination because it contradicts reality. We live in real life regardless of how beautiful our mental life (as per the author) is. Imaginations or daydreams are more imbecilic than what people dream (subject to thinking too much) while sleeping.
    Life is beautiful and our life itself teaches us how it is really beautiful. Each moment is precious. Why we feel sadness in beautiful moments of a beautiful life is nothing but our negative thinking about life. All precious and beautiful gifts we have been bestowed upon, nevertheless, any thought that carries negativity about this beautiful life denotes that something is wrong with us. We should take each moment on its merit and enjoy them all. I bet that all the so-called bad moments in life change into beautiful moments which encourage us to live this life to its fullest.

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    Our worldly life is controlled by our mind and the thoughts that emanate from it. So our family life, personal life, and official life are the sum of the thoughts that arise from our minds and their application. The only concept that is not related to our mind is eternal life. The scriptures and spiritual masters teach us that it depends on the functional feature of our worldly life. So mental life and the other categories of life mentioned above are not two but one.

    Family happiness and a decent personal life are crucial elements of a successful professional life. Family, work, and personal life should be commendable and never become contradictory. They should try to complement each other. Some who are energetic in personal and family life have been seen failing miserably in the workplace. Even there, the mind has to give new life and bring such people up to the ranks of others. Mental health is an important factor for that.

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    Mind is the most powerful entity in our body and it can dictate us to do what it wants us to do. Fighting with mind is fighting with oneself and the end result of such a fight will be harm to oneself only bringing sadness and melancholy in the life. Our ancient philosophers opined that mind is to be tamed with Yogic and spiritual ways. In our scriptures this thing is repeated umpteen number of times. So there will be so many things going in our mind but we cannot take cognisance of everything as it will create load on our mind only. The only solution is divert the mind to creative arenas and forget the fears and apprehensions which are the root cause of all the miseries in our lives. We have to go on doing our work and have faith and confidence in ourselves if we really intend to tame the mind.
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    As we confront with the daily choas of life, we also gets into disturbed mode and sometimes we even get tensed on the issues to which we are not concerned. So we are bound to be effected mentally and our way of behavior would immediately changes after confronting with the complaints against us for no reason. Suppose you are doing your best work and also helping other employees in the process, and due to some end results going out of hand, if you are blamed for the others mistake, that is not right. And in that case the whole day you get disturbed and the works may not be produtive and this is called the mental life going out of order. That is the reason being so I always forget what is happening in the office and forget what has happened at the home. This way we can live in balanced way, otherwise we cannot do justice to the life.
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    Personal or Family or professional life will always depend on our thoughts only. The mind only controls our all actions. So if you have a fair mind you will have a fair life. If you think that you will be good and all others should also be good, your actions will be in that direction only. If you think only about your welfare your actions will be in that direction only. So your mental life only will make you happy or unhappy in all your roles. The way we chose to live is also a result of our thought process only. Choosing the right path, thoughts about God and life after death will also depend on our mind only.
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    I do not know whether it can be termed as mental life but we need to control our minds and not the other way. Daydreaming is one such thing that will not allow somebody to concentrate on what is happening at a particular moment and the person remains in a trance. Our thoughts should help us to progress in life but if certain thoughts restrict our progress then we should not think about them and divert our minds. Keeping the mind healthy is an important task and we can do it through practice. Continuously brooding over something will not be helpful in any way. We always need to look for a solution rather than making things complex with unrealistic thinking.

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