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    Is breaking thermometer only solution?

    Who does not have problems in his life? Nobody is free from problems but how much each of us is affected is the crux of the matter. Some people are too timid or too tender heart to face any problem but some of us are so strong that a series of problems don't affect them but these are rare creatures. The immunity of people to face problems varies from person to person. I think it depends on willpower, mental strength, self-confidence, boldness, health, family ambience, the strength of resources, society etc
    Some people are habitual of venting anger about problems whether or not these problems related to them directly or indirectly but their deep-rooted habit of complaining urge them to come up with their bag of complaints.
    But some problems which are directly related to common people affect them from head to toe and the concerned people/authorities who are responsible for these problems show their indifference without caring about how people are suffering from these problems. And hilarious thing is that people are insisted to believe in everything being in order and the existence of existing problems is negated by concerned people/authorities who have the onus to find solutions to the prevalent problems. When the situation does not change then what the best solution is, perhaps breaking the thermometer is the best solution if the fever doesn't come down.
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    Very rarely breaking the thermometer may be the solution for fever. The same is the case with other problems also. We may have many problems. No one in this world is free from problems. But some problems may be very difficult to solve and some may be easier. But all problems will have some or the other solutions to solve them. Only thing is sincere and focused attempts are required. Even after putting all our efforts sometimes we may not be able to reach the required destinations. There we will not have any thing to say except accepting the happenings.
    There are different types of people who react to problems in different way. Some people ignore big problems also allow them find their own solutions. At the same time some people over react to even small problems also and overdo the things. Both are not correct. We should always understand the problem and see how best we can face it.

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    If there is a will there is a way. If one tries to solve a problem then it is possible that ones efforts for solving it might give positive results. It actually depends on the type of problem also. If it is only related to us we can do something for it. But if this is something related to the system, society, or the country then we have to look upon the authorities who have power and authority to solve or mitigate those difficulties. Unfortunately the fact of matter is that these people at high positions often think in this way. They may be doing good for the people but when their political and other selfish motives come in the picture, they simply neglect their responsibilities and that is one most common reason why solutions are generally not achieved. There are two things that are required to be in place to achieve the solutions and they are - a good governance coupled with desire of high level people to do welfare of the public at large.
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    Those who think that the problem will end if they find a way to find each problem are living in foolishness. Some people also show such stupidity in the way they deal with problems. All such people have some history of being crushed and ended by problems and enslaved. But the vast majority of problems can be solved and good quality of life can be built if the problem-solving is done by those who are in trouble. Sometimes some of the tough problems may not be solved by their thinking or by the resources at hand. Do not despair, it is needed to find a solution to the problem by discussing it with anyone they trust. There is no compulsion to have their relatives must be in that category. One should only share their problems with those who seem to be the best of those who know them best. If you do not find the solution from the first, then just ask the other. Telling our problems to everyone will not only not produce the desired result, but may also give unnecessary meanings by some among them to the problems discussed by us.
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