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    Do you follow some silly or funny sentiments?

    In India, many people follow some sentiments in their daily life. They think these sentiments may bring luck or avoid harm. Some people don't go out a black cat comes in front of them. Some people go when a girl or woman comes in front of them especially they go out for important work. Some people start an important work on an auspicious day at a specific time by seeing the Hindu calendar. Some people believe in lucky numbers to start their work on the date of their lucky number. Not only in India, but even in foreign countries also follow the same faiths. Do you follow such silly or funny sentiments? Have you come across people who follow such sentiments?
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    Feelings that make us feel silly or funny are part of their faith for many. India is a secular nation. Everyone is free to believe in and propagate the religion of their choice. As part of the rituals of many religions, it is the expression of certain emotions that are inherent in the minds of some, or the manifestation of that emotion by their actions, which others find silly or funny, as mentioned earlier. No one should look down on anyone. Although some do not do these things, whether they are thinking as silly or funny, when we buy a new car and get out of the dealer, we put a lemon under each tyre of the vehicle and drive over it, when we get in the driver's seat, put our right hand on the steering wheel and put that hand on our head, and before starting drive folding our hands to pray to God. Why take it to the temple or church and sanctify it by the priest, or sprinkle it with holy water? Take it to the church and apply holy oil with prayer on it by the priest before other journeys? Do not underestimate anything. Faith isn't faith everything ....
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    It is called superstition. Some people believe in such superstitions as mentioned by the author. I know many such superstitious people. If someone who does not believe in their superstition signifies it as wrong, probably they would not like their comments. I have read and noticed some interesting superstitions of players like:
    Sachin Tendulkar would look towards the sky when he would enter the ground for batting. Muhammad Azharuddin would wear an amulet and when he would face the bowler he would take it out of his shirt. Rohan Kanhai of West Indies would put off his clothes before going to bat. Ravi Ratnayake Sri Lanka would use a band on his forehead when he would bowl. Sikansdar Bakht of Pakistan would start bowling wearing a sweater but after the first delivery he would put off his sweater. Vivian Richards of West Indies would munch chewing gum while batting on the pitch. Saurav Ganguly would keep a photograph of his Guru in his pocket while playing on the ground and Mahinder Amarnath would keep a red handkerchief in his pocket.

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    There are many people in this world wo have their own feelings and sentiments. Many people see a good time to start his journey. They give importance only to starting time from the house. Some people are there who see the time of reaching the destination also. If they reach early, they will wait somewhere and go to the destination when the time becomes auspicious.
    I always bet up in the morning after conveying my regards to the God. In our Hindu culture we see good date and time for performing marriages and we will follow that timing very scruplously.

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    The thing that you mentioned in your posts are not sentiments but is called superstition whereas, sentiments may be different from superstitions. There is a fine line between the two. Though both may look similar, they are not the same. The sentiments may be an attachment with something, it can be prayer, thoughts, a thing, or even memory but superstitions are what we have been hearing from others, and somewhere deep in our heart or mind have taken root and find it difficult to overcome it. After buying a new thing, be it a vehicle, house, etc, and praying is not superstition but our faith in God and asking Him to bless us and keep us safe whereas doing other things on it can be called silly and superstitious. Not going out or when the black cat crosses the road is superstitious but get out early to reach a place is not silly.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to one of my friend who owns a foot wear shop and he will open the shop only after sighting a women carrying the vegetable basket on the head. Of course that is the market road and many women would carry the vegetable basket on their head to the bus stop or Secunderabad railway station. Once I asked as to why he is not opening the shop even though many customers are wanting to open the shop and then he revealed the secret. Some people are very particular about the sentiments and for me nothing like that and only we have been advised to take care if there is any crossing of cat while we leave the home. And we are also particular about a single person coming the opposite direction while we are leaving on important work. People may not believe but we follow the elders advise as true.
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    There are many such people around us doing certain things that others may find illogical. Now if you ask them why they are doing such things many will say they are doing it because others say or believe in such things but do not have any personal opinion on such things. If you provide some logic and tell them it's just a superstition they may not like your suggestion. Other than this, there are many things that people do because of a strong belief in something. Doing a task on an auspicious day or moment is one such example of faith that should not be considered funny or silly. People all over the world have certain beliefs and that is because we do not have control over everything happening around us. A lot of things are occurring at random which are beyond our control and that is the reason for many beliefs. We want things to go smooth and happen according to our wish and if it is found that following a particular way or doing some specific tasks before starting the job is helping us to finish it smoothly then this continues as a tradition. Many such beliefs that people follow now can be found to have started long ago.

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    Whatever people call it sentiments or superstitions or sanskars or any other such term, the fact is that some people have faith in certain things and they follow that blindly. There may not be any logic in that particular thing but when it comes to the matter of faith, nothing else matters. So, a rational and logical person may condemn all such actions as and beliefs of the followers but the followers have their own strong convictions to have faith of that level and they continue to observe that. If we do not believe in such things we are right in our own ways but we have no right to condemn those people who have strong belief in matters of faith.
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    My father was very particular about certain sentiments. We used to follow them. Later on, the sentiments have gone but for the past seven years, I am having an uneasy feeling that something is not good for the country. I feel it as a bad omen. The country is facing a lot of troubles some created and some as a bad omen happening. Declining of economy, unemployment at never before levels, pandemic, disturbances in the country are all happening. People, in general, are not happy. Some bad omen has befallen the country.
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    Yes, the author is right, these superstitions are still followed by many people of society. Some of them superstition are already followed for a long time and some new of them made by themselves. These became too traditional in some areas that everyone follows without any logic, and sometimes if anyone wants to know the reason to follow them, there is no particular answer provided by the society for the same. I do not believe in these superstitions, they should be totally banned.

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    We being Indian have different superstitions and we follow them religiously. One such superstition is not to cut hair on Thursday and Saturday. The other one is to wait some time if a Black Cat crosses the way and in that situation wait until someone passes through that road. Even we are in the habit of eating some curd while going somewhere for some important assignments such as for an interview or for examination. Though there is no justification for such superstitions and would not allow us to go too far with such irrational thoughts, but the fact is we cannot help it. Even the people of other countries, too, are in the grip of such nonexistent thoughts. People living in the European countries believe that 13 is the most unlucky number and avoid this number while choosing a date for some celebrations or avoid hotel room of this number. Hence we alone don't fall in such superstitious thoughts, others living in another countries have also joined with us.

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