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    Every day deserves to be remembered!

    Every day deserves to be remembered!

    Argentina's National Book Day

    Argentina celebrates National Book Day on June 15, also known as the "Feast of the Book." The National Council of Women launched the event in 1908 with the bestowing of awards in a writing contest. This event was founded for a variety of purposes, including eradicating poverty, enhancing culture, showing universal homage to books and writers, and simply encouraging all people to appreciate the pleasure of reading.

    World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

    The inaugural World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was held in 2006, and it has been commemorated on June 15th every year since then. The goal of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is to raise awareness of a subject that does not receive the attention it deserves: elder abuse, disregard, and extortion. Financial abuse costs older Americans approximately 2.6 billion dollars each year, according to the Administration for Community Living.

    Denmark - Valdemar and Reunion Day

    On June 15, Denmark commemorates Valdemar's Day and Reunion Day. This holiday honours two significant events in Danish history that took place on the same day but in separate periods. One is the triumph of Denmark's King Valdemar II in a battle, while the other is the reunification of Denmark with Southern Jutland. Flag Day is another name for this day.

    Global Wind Day

    Every year on June 15, the world celebrates World Wind Day or Global Wind Day. It is celebrated to raise awareness of wind energy, its power, and the potential it has to alter the world. Wind power is a viable substitute to hydrocarbons since it is plentiful, renewable, extended, pure, and no emissions while operating, and requires minimal land.

    Though the Wind Day celebration began in Europe, it is now celebrated by all developing and developed nations because the wind knows no bounds.

    This day also attempts to teach our children about wind power that has the capacity to bring energy, the economy, and sustainability into our lives, as well as the capacity to keep the pandemic at bay. Today is World Wind Day.
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    While I do agaree with the author that every day need to rememered for one occasion or the other either personally , nationally and Internationally, we tend to give lesser importance to those days which are famous for the region or the country concerned for obvious reasons. For example Argentina national book day and Denmark reunion day are the country centric matters to which we need not give credence. However World elder abuse awareness day is the International subject to which we can give credence and discuss also. Even today the elders are not getting their due resespect in their respective homes and though many organizations came forward to help the elders physically and financially , they are not getting due importance at home and the state where they reside, There must be urgent attention on the matter.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with the author. Every day will have its own speciality. The speciality may be to you alone or to the family or to a region or to the whole world. My birthday is special to me. It may not be special to anybody else. Lal Bahadur Sastri's birthday may be important to the whole nation and Gandhiji's birthday may be important to the whole world. It is always good to know about the speciality of that day and if we can do anything for remembering that day can be done. Hindus celebrate their own festivals. The other faiths will also celebrate their own festivals. Like that everybody will have their own important days.
    always confident

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    It might sound superficial or unreachable to some. But indeed as the author said, it is very important to remember every day by it's own. Our lives are given to us to enjoy and remember by. Some days are easy to remember however other day might not have anything to be remembered by but we should find things, small things we can remember it from. Every day is a journey towards a better version of us therefore it's important that we remember them, the pain, the happiness, the fun, the failure, everything. Every day also has some or the other universal significance, at this age of internet it is very easy find them day's significance therefore we can easily remember it by.
    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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