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    Regrouping taking place among parties for UP elections

    As the biggest state of India UP has been bracing itself to go for elections in the March 2022 and the run to the same has already began. PM Modi and Amit Shah gave clean chit to Yogi thereby signalling that there is no change of guard for the CM and Yogi would be ultimate choice. What is surprising is the fact that MLA's of Mayawati BSP party has met SP leader Akhilesh Yadav thereby signalling new regrouping to take on BJP in big way. But on the other hand the Congress seems to have been left far behind and no home work from that party.
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    Still, time is there and a long way to go. There are many other things on which the governments of both state and central are to concentrate. 2nd wave is slowly coming down and I hope in another one month or so there will be normalcy. The vaccination is to be completed before the third wave comes. This is a big task and should be handled properly.
    Anyhow, parties will start their homework early so that they will have sufficient time to handle the situation and bring the situation to their control. Every party will do this. BJP is going to contest independently. So they have to start identifying the candidates for each assembly constituency.
    Congress has to decide whether it will go with other parties or alone. Maybe behind the screen work started. We don't know. After a couple of months we will have a better picture I think. All parties will have their think take and go as per their planning.

    always confident

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    The possible alliances could be,
    1. BJP alone going for election or it is,
    2. BJP + BSP
    3. SP + BSP
    4. Congress will be alone. No major party will take the risk to fight in alliance with this party.

    I believe BJP must go alone and win majority or else it is going to be hopeless end for UP state.

    Hope so the people would not go for freebies like what we evident during Delhi election and will put BJP in power under the leadership of Yogi Ji.

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    If the SP and BSP combine will it pose threat to BJP winning ?
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Political analysts think that now something big is going to happen in U.P. in the coming days. Arvind Sharma, probably, will become deputy C.M. or H.M. But Keshav Prasad Morya and other dissenters (who met B.L. Santosh) are still to be placated. I think BJP will take things in order. If Keshav Prasad Morya goes against his party, bjp can not recover this loss. Brahamans are also angry with bjp. Probably Arvind Sharma will take them back. But those Brahmans who have vowed with Jane'oo while standing in Saryu River (Ayodhya) not to vote for bjp. Will they not be proven a hard nut to crack?
    It sounds that 2022 is not easy for bjp.

    There is ample time for bjp to fix up the issues.
    S.P. and alliance may create problems for bjp whereas B.S.P and other parties are not the best contenders.

    Postscript: There are some hidden stories on some reliable youtube news channels which can't be discussed without solid evidence.

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    It is quite natural and everybody is doing their best to gain more seats. What the political pundits are thinking and what is going to happen in reality may not match. In politics, anything can happen and any political party can play the lead role. Ultimately, everything depends on the choice of the people. In our country, especially in some states, caste, creed and religion play a major role, which should not be, during elections and politicians play their cards according to the situation. Everything depends on how many are in favour of whom.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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