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    Caged life does not satisfy anyone.

    Every life imprisoned in the name of care and mercy is a victim of the other's visual pleasure. The easiest way to crush someone is to satisfy his basic needs and prepare prison for him without even knowing it. Cage keepers are not guardians. They are earners, exhibitors. It can be money, it may be the positions in society. Those who create relationships based on their terms and insist that others be guided only by their own will are the ones who prepare the above-mentioned nest.

    Tolerance to unwanted conditions and conditions ends up in slavery. The applause and delicacies one gets while lying in a cage are bribes for mortgaging his/her self-conscious and evolutionary potential. It is misunderstood as incentives. The real incentives will be the ones that motivate you to get out of that prison. More important than how long you lived comfortably is how long you lived meaningfully. What could be worse than having to live dead while still alive?
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    I strongly dislike the view of the author that we should crush someone by satisfying his basic needs and then enslave him into prison so smartly that he does not feel it how he has been trapped?
    On the other side, the author himself dislikes slavery and caged life. Whoever imprisons someone is a reprehensible act.

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    After reading this post my thought went to a news video which showed the zoo worker who was regular to the animals cage of tiger and lion was attacked by ferocious animal for the first time. May be animals want to roam free and if their movements are curailed they get tensed and wild. Even human beings does want to stay put in a room for many days. For the past one and a half years we people are expereincing a house arrest way of living without going any where not allowing the children to go out and play. So many of us are now feeling the cage life feeling and thus frustration comes out at the drop of the hat.
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    No one would like to be imprisoned for long since it restricts his movement and other activities. So is the cases with the animals imprisoned in the cage for a long time might turn violent due their confinements. Cage supervisors on the duty are often targeted by the animals for the same reason. Even the prisoners don't like the ways they are being put in the shells. They will have to remain under such confinements till their term expires. This can ruin them on both ways psychologically and physically. Sometimes they are so innocent that they cannot prove that they are not the real culprits due to insufficient means. Such cases are not reviewed properly. There should be some mechanism to redress their cases effectively so that the innocents lead lives freely after the careful scrutiny of such cases.

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    That is always true. Nobody likes to be retained in some restricted area. Even during lockdown periods we are not able to restrict our movements and remain in the house. That is the reason even in zoos also all the animals will be given the free area and left free to move around. Even in jails, I think the prisoners will be allowed to do some works outside the open area. In Hyderabad, there is an open jail where the prisoners will be allowed to do cultivation under the supervision of police forces. Similarly, there is a petrol bunk also there. Prisoners will be working in that bunk. Even small kids also can't be in the room for long hours. They want to go out and enjoy the free air. These days these children are also feeling bored due to their confinement to the houses. They are not able to meet friends or go anywhere.
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    Indeed. Living under constraints, not being able to express, live and fight means you're not even living your life. A caged life is artificial living with no feelings or will involved, no will to live, learn and grow. However, I do believe that human have choices to make. One should have the authority to choose they way they want to live their whole lives. Caged or out or free is a choice that one should possess within themselves. If one is afraid to live life to fullest and wants to live restricted, caged then it is their will to do. But it should involve certain room for change whenever one desire to change their ways of living. Therefore, even though I do agree that a caged life is of no good and one should obviously avoid living so especially under the influence of others but if one wants to restrict themselves accordingly to their choices then we'll have to respect that too.
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    Caged life whether it is physical or mental is a misery. Given a choice no one will like a caged life and will only compromise when there is no other alternative. In a caged life one loses his own right on oneself and bacomes simply a slave to some other person who is in command.
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    Frankly speaking no one likes a caged life. Everyone wants to fly like a bird. If there is some compulsion in ones life or someone is forced to lead such a secluded life then it is really a very pitiable situation and such a person deserves sympathy and compassion. It is also observed that if we keep someone in tight custody then on the first opportunity he will be escaping out never to return again to that captivity.
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