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    I forgot how he looked like!

    I have a batch mate who used to utter a statement meaning 'I almost forgot how you look' when meeting somebody after a pretty long time. That's a funny way to start a conversation and there are some people who are an expert in making funny yet intelligent statements. At that time we found the statement quite interesting and I hope many of you may use such similar statements, even today when meeting somebody after a long time. But can you imagine this particular statement can become true in our lives? To some extent, the same thing happened to me a few days earlier. I meet the person often, at times almost regularly nowadays but I was searching for a picture of that person recently because I completely forgot how he looked. Are you surprised? Wait! There is a reason behind this. Nowadays, whenever we meet we meet wearing our face masks. When you are habituated to see a masked person regularly is it completely unnatural to forget the looks of the person without a face mask?
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    I don't think it is unnatural or funny to make such a comment. It is more like saying it instinctively and then having a good laugh. Indeed, with or without a mask, it is sometimes a bit difficult to recognize a person after many years due to some natural changes that take place in the facial features due to age, the change in hairstyle, etc. Even searching for an image online, let's say through FB, will lead you to a photo that you think is what the person looks like, but, in fact, that is not actually how the person looks currently.

    At times, although you may not recognize the person through the facial features, you will immediately know who it is due to a certain mannerism that is typical or even the unique accessory that the person unfailingly wears always, like a pendant or bracelet.

    Another aspect is the possibility of not really being good at jogging one's memory well enough to place a name to a face. You just know that you know the person and feel embarrassed that you do not know the name and literally have to say, "Sorry, but I just can't remember your name.!

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    Many people say this. Some may say that I am not able to recognise you and even I forget how you were those days. Two days before one of my relatives and his wife came to our house to see my father. I know him well and I met him many times earlier. But for the last 6 years, we have not seen each other. When I saw him in front of our house I fail to recognise him and got confused. But after some 2 or 3 minutes talking to him I am able to recognise him. There is a lot of change in his appearance. Many people these days due to no physical work gaining weight and that is also making others recognise. As a matter of fact when time passes some changes bound to happen in our appearance and hence sometimes it happens and there are instances many people used the same phrase mentioned by the author many times.
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    Wearing mask has become more compulsion for us and probably we have to wear for life long in future as one after other variants virus are being reported and we do not know which are airborne and which are communicable. By wearing mask we are also eluding people who were after us. But the biggest laughing matter that the children are not coming near us if we wear mask and they keep on staring to our face or try to unmask our face to know whom we are. Many elders are averse to keep their mask on and thus they are not able to go out and meet their friends. One thing sure, we are loosing more close contacts and they are not keeping in touch even on phone and thus we are more worried about them. Wearing mask has become compulsion even for small children and they are thinking it is a play everyone doing.
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    There is nothing abnormal in not recognising a person after a long time and it happens often with us. After this mask thing that has cropped up mandatory due to corona pandemic, this might be happening now after even a short gap. Anyway, not recognising a person often happens when we are too much preoccupied in our mind about something and become totally detached from our environment for some time. In such cases it is better to apologise for this oversight so that the person does not take it seriously.
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    It is not uncommon thing. It happens when we meet someone after a long gap and we don't recognise him because during this period he has changed but it can't be generalised because facial expressions are not changed.

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    It is not uncommon to recognise a face if seen after a long period. A close contact and seeing the same face regularly is altogether a different matter when even if there is any change in the body - shape or facial changes, we recognise them instantaneously due to our regular meetings. So if one of your friends meeting you after a long spell of time, you can see a marked change in him causing inconvenience for you to get the friend recognised. It is not a strange affair if he utters that he has failed to recognise you. Take his remark to real in that situation.

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    It is natural that if we happen to meet a person after a long gap of time then we may get confused in recognising him. This actually differs from person to person. Some people remember the faces and personalities of people for a long time and recollect it very easily while some of us may not be able to remember so accurately and precisely. In long run I often forget the faces of people and it takes time to recollect as who they are.
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