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    Word pair creative story writing challenge - winners

    It was good to see over a dozen members attempting the challenge to use given word pairs in a story. Unfortunately, some of the entries were considered invalid for not using Group D's word pairs. Furthermore, most seemed to have simply placed the word pairs without considering the grammatical aspect, despite this being hinted at in Rule#3. Hence due to this, after some intense discussions, the jury panel has taken the decision not to award the first prize at all. Instead, there are three 2nd prizes, along with one consolation prize.

    The three joint winners of the 2nd prize which is a cash reward of Rs.75/- are Dr Deepali Gangwar, Reena Upadhya, and Kamal Kishore.

    The consolation prize of Rs. 50/- goes to Umesh.

    Congratulations to all the winners! Some of the other valid entries will be awarded enhanced points and cash credits as per the jury panel's decision.
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    Congratulations to all the winners of the contest. It is unfortunate that nom entry was suitable for ist prize. I wish and hope that the prize winners will continue their good work and win many more awards in the coming contests. I wish them all the best.
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    Word pair, award winners, congratulations on your well-deserved success! One of the simplest and most motivating things you can hear is that you are appreciated. Continue your journey of success to the next higher level.

    Others, don't be quite down please; instead have a quiet conversation with your inner sense and wait for the calling bell. You'll be rocking it at that point and will have a complete turnabout from the feel of losing the earlier award.

    Life is perceived as a never-ending series of successes and disappointments that may occur within seconds of each other.

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    Congrats to three joint winners of the 2nd prize above contest namely Dr Deepali Gangwar, Reena Upadhya, and Kamal Kishore and should have given one first prize to best entry. My bests wishes also goes to the consolation winner Umesh and all the entries were awesome and truly deserves the prize. A word of appreciation for Kamal Kishore as be has been winning the contests regularly and that is great trait.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Many congratulations to all the winners. Many thanks to the editor for selecting my entry for the award. Hope all the members will give their best again next time and win many prizes.

    @K Mohan Thank you for your encouraging words.


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    Hearty congrats to Deepali, Reena, Kamal and Umesh. well done. Keep it up.
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    Congratulations to the winners of Word pair creative story writing challenge ; Dr Deepali Gangwar, Reena Upadhya, and Kamal Kishore.
    Congrats to Umesh for winning the consolation prize.

    A very nice and apt appreciation post by Prof .Dr.C Palanichamy. He has very smartly used some word pairs in his response too. Frankly, I am noticing his presence in ISC now only, from the above response post. I am sure he is going to add value to ISC by his quality contributions.

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    Congratulation to all winners of the contest, I like to wish all other participants also for their entries. All the best for many more rewards in the future.

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    Hearty congratulations to all the winner. Keep doing your best.

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    Congratulations to the winners in the context. Hope they will be contributing in the similar ways in the future and win many more appreciations for their contributions.

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    My hearty congratulations to all the winners of this contest. Keep it up.

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    Congratulations to all the winners of this contest. I hope that you would win many more prizes in future. Well done. Keep it up.

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    Congratulations to all the 3 joint winners for the 2nd prize in the unique word-pair story writing contest. I also congratulate Mr. Umesh for securing the consolation prize in the same. Such creative writing contests give good scope for brain work and creative thinking. I could not participate in this but looking forward to more such contests in the future to participate.

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    We had earlier participated in a forum post where we were asked to mention some word pairs based on the given word and from that only this interesting contest was conceptualised. The contest evoked good response and many members had participated in it. Now the result is announced and I thank ISC for my award and at the same time congratulate the other three winners for the main prizes. Well done members and keep up the tempo.
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    I loved participating in the contest, and I am sure many of us found it interesting. Thank you, the ISC team, for awarding my entry. Congratulations to co-prize winners and Umesh sir for winning the consolation prize. Looking forward to participating in many such contests.

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    This was a very interesting contest. I missed it and could not participate. Now I congratulate all the winners of this contest and wish them more accolades like this in future.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Congratulations to all the award winners! All of the winners have done well and my best wishes to all the other participants. Using word pairs in the writeups is quite interesting and at times challenging too. My thanks to Vandana Ma'am for conceptualizing this unique contest.

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    Hearty congratulations to all the winners! The contest was indeed challenging.
    The cash rewards and points to the winners have been credited.

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    The contest was very interesting and unique. I appreciate and thanks Vandana Ma'am for conceptualizing this contest. I am thankful to ISC for my prize and congratulate other winners also for their prizes. I also pay my thanks to other members for their congratulatory wishes.

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    My hearty congratulations to all the winners. The contest was interesting.

    Well, I don't know that I should mention it or not, but still wish to highlight a matter. In the Rule #2, it was mentioned that two word pairs should not be used from the same word group. In the second paragraph of the first story has two word pairs from the same word group B. Rocking chair and turn around both are used, is it valid?


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    Thanks for the alert. We jury members read it as a natural aspect of the context that it appeared in, and erred in overlooking that both should not have been used as per the rule. Our mistake definitely, and apologies for that.

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    Congratulations to Dr. Deepali Gangwar, Reena Upadhya, and Kamal Kishore for being declared the second prize winner of the creative story writing contest. I also congratulate the consolation prize winner, Mr. Umesh.

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