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    Create your importance at the work place

    In the company everybody has been assigned the task and targets to which they are responsible to achieve before the time frame and in this regard how they go about and how they surpass the others in working style is left to the discretion of employees concerned and in this regard it becomes imperative to create own importance of our work and that would cast a spell not only with the co employees but also with the management. So not doing the routine work and doing something different would be liked and followed by others.
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    It is better not to try to create one's importance at the workplace. Importance will automatically increase if you are diligent in what you are doing. You need to be yourself and should not copy others while performing the task. The most important thing is to be aware of the processes involved in the task and to upgrade yourself. Don't try to think of yourself as very important at the workplace. Fully concentrate on what you are doing and help others if required.

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    When one is working in a company or business environment some competition will also be there. So that is one primary concern that people have to consider and whenever there is competition one has to be on ones toes. Besides this there is always scope for doing something other than the routine which might be considered by the management as an outstanding work. So, the fact is that for showing oneself important in the office environment, one has to toil a lot and it asks for a good hard work and focus in ones work. Another important factor is that we may try to create importance for ourselves but until others feel the same way that we are important, the desired result will not be there.
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    When we work sincerely and show the results, importance to us will come automatically. This is always true. So we have to concentrate on our work, see what is the targetted time to finish the job. We should finish that job within that time frame and the results should be as expected. Sometimes we may get into some unexpected problems and we may have to overcome them. The way in which we show our ability in solving the problems will give us the required recognition. Some employees in the organisation will go and attack whatever problems are there and will find a solution and see that normalcy will come. Such people will be appreciated by all the people. Such people will go r very fast in their career. So importance will automatically come if you show your ability. So work with a commitment to the work but not to get the importance or recognition. They will come to you automatically when you are sincere.
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    All employees who work in any organisation / company have to perform some duties and responsibilities and they have to prove themselves as the right persons for their company and their induction in company was not a wrong decision. As long as an employee work efficiently and the management is also satisfied with him he will remain in job but when he become useless for the company he will be compelled to resign from his. post as the management will create such circumstances that he will succumb to them.
    As far as promotion and increment are concerned he will have to prove that he deserves promotion as well as increment. The company will earn Rs 100 through you then it will give you Rs 10/-

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    All you have to do your work diligently not thinking of any reward for your performance. Your focus on the Job would make it great. However, one thing, you need to understand the job at least with the process - how to carry out the same. Doing the jobs in a consistent way would attract the attention of your boss and you will always remain in look out for some special jobs as decided by the boss. Never be in a hurry to get appreciation for your jobs, top performers are recognised easily for their outstanding performance. You have to be punctual and regular to your duties apart from better grasp over your job.

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    I think it depends upon the nature of the office boss. Some office boss want that all subordinates working under him should do their duties in such a way that he can interfere to everyone. Some boss are in a opinion to do the works independently by the subordinates and not disturbed the boss unless it is urgently required on policy ground. I think under the working of 2nd boss, one can prove his talent or make him important in the office by doing all the works done in time with full cooperation. Otherwise by keeping file pending for a long time or doing the works by making so many irrelevant observations make anyone most important person in a office. Hence the employee who has brought to the knowledge of the office boss everything he is doing in everyday by disturbing the boss will be a less important person. thanks
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