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    Proper teaching methodology can make a student to remember a lesson life long

    Many teachers these days conduct their classes very officially and behaves as a strict teacher. Rather than being a strict teacher, one should be a good teacher to be in the minds of the students forever.

    When I was in the fourth standard, that is to say in 1964, we had a lesson in science subject about insects. The teacher who took the class for us, Kothai Nayagi madam, took the class very interestingly. She explained the types of insects with pictures that were not there in the textbook. On that day, when explaining a leaf bug (Katydid, called Ilai Poochi in Tamil), she said that the insect itself is in a form similar to the leaf of crape jasmine. Further, she explained that when we see the plants or pluck flowers, we should be alert about the insect. After telling this she gave everybody a leaf of crape jasmine and after that, she showed the big picture of leaf insect and we were astonished to see that the insect is very similar to the leaf.

    Whenever I pluck the jasmine flower and see the leaves, I remember my teacher's words. Today morning, when I was plucking flowers of crape jasmine in our garden, I saw a leaf insect and my thoughts took me back to 1964.

    I expect a similar method of teaching from the present day teachers so that what they teach remains etched in the memory of students throughout their life.

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    A teacher will be called a good teacher if he can see that the students are able to under the lesson taught. Some teachers will go on explaining the lessons in their own way and never look back and see whether the students are following their lessons are not. A teacher should teach in such a way that the mildest student in the class will also understand the lesson. Then only we can say he is a good teacher. During my high school studies, I have witnessed many such teachers. They used to ask questions to the mildest student in the class and they used to get satisfied only when they get correct answers from them. Some teachers used to repeat the lesson and explain the lesson with more examples and some models if possible so that all the students in the class. A teacher should plan his lesson in such a way that everyone in the class will follow his teaching.
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    A teacher must be capable of making the lucid and the pupils understand the basics of each chapter. Such a teacher would take a pain to understand the difficulties of each student and accordingly he would try to eliminate his doubts. However, in the present time, such teachers are rare and they don't go to that level. They are professionals and would like to earn more with taking up tuitions for more students without bothering how far they have understood the fundamentals of the chapters. Such mode of teaching does not help the students any way. Though such teachers have acquired B.Ed or M.Ed for better tackling of their pupils but they don't apply the same in the field of teaching.

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    I do agree with the author that the way the teacher explains the things in the class room to the understanding level of the students is so great that we remember those lessons even during the exams time. For example our science teacher Elizebeth Taylor was so good at English, explanation and the drawing, that every student would be attentive in her classs and mind it we studied in government school and she would never abstain even for one day and daily classes are done. Such is the attention of the students that everybody used to listen aptly and score more marks in her subject. I am talking about way back in the year 1976 to 1978 and that was the golden period for the Indian education as there were very less or no private schools and good teachers were available at the government schools and the teaching was best to the core.
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    It is the special forte of a teacher how to instil in the mind of students in class. All teachers are qualified though but he who teaches his students lucidly that they find his subject as the easiest of all is a teacher. When I was in high school. There were several teachers of science but one teacher Mr Suresh Chandra Saxena was an Erudite in Physics. His teaching style was amazing that physics was the easiest subject for all students. He would never ask to open our books or notebooks. What he taught us instilled in our memory.
    Another teacher Mr Jane Alam. He was an expert in Hindi,. Sanskrit and English. Even teachers would take his help. You could ask any doha, ishlok, sortha, chopai etc from any book of any class he wouldd give the correct reference.
    Some teachers are still on my mind. They were sincere, hardworking and selfless. Their salaries were not very attractive as today's teachers get.,

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    If a teacher is able to create interest in the students for the topic than that itself is a great achievement. Over and above that if the student grasps the topic then it is the great victory for the teacher as he has become successful in his objective. Unfortunately, few such teachers exist like that today as most of them have commercial attitude.
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