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    Why are crimes increasing against women?

    We often read news of rape, eve-teasing, molestation and other inhuman crimes against women. Hathras, Unnao, Kathuwa, Hyderabad etc all such incidents were highlighted by the media. It was also experienced how culprits were supported by some people. Where we are heading to and what new society we are creating and what social environment we are going to leave for the next generations are some basic questions that need suitable answers and explanations.
    It looks strange when I watch someone saying " It's my life. If I expose my body, who are you to stop me. ? Keep your eyes down if you have any problem"
    What do you think about such views of a young girl?
    Old people do not like such views of young girls but today's generation wants to avail personal liberty freely. They don't want any suggestion from old people, like:
    One old leader said, "Girls should wear modest clothes and should not go out of their homes late at night"
    Are such suggestions to young girls contravene their personal liberty and freedom of life?
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    We all have freedom. There are no separate rules for males and females. But we should have our own judgement in using this freedom. Your house and you can put it on fire. But because of your action, the houses of neighbours should not get ashed. This should be remembered by one and all. The way you dress and the way you conduct is your own discretion and nobody can object to it. But we should be careful and see that we will not get into problems because of our attitude. More than this we can't comment anything on that. Every person should oppose brutal human acts. Nobody is supposed to force somebody to act as per your will and wish. But we all are observing many gents behaving very badly with ladies and taking advantage. Ladies should be able to fight out with such people. Ladies should get trained in their self-defence skills. Nobody should support the evil acts of some criminals against ladies and they should be punished as severely as possible and as early as possible so that others will get scared to go for such crimes.
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    Nice question posed by the author. Why the crime rate are increasing against the women because the men feel that women are creating hurdles to their progress and want to curtail them is one of the reason. Though the women are enterprising and energetic and when it comes to tackling the situations they are poor managers and they end up as the sufferers. Though the law is totally supportive to the women, the police does not register the case on the face of it and the women is harrased more buy asking unwanted questions. All these reasons are forcing women not to approach anyone for help and if possible they are tackling or they keep sulking not tellling to anyone. But central and state govts are very eager to help the women off any sort or any sect and want to create crime free situation so that they feel the freedom.
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    It is quite disturbing to note that crimes against women are increasing day by day. One solution to this issue is meting out severe punishment to the criminals at the earliest. The cases continue for an awfully long time on some pretext or the other and the criminals are also not given strict punishment. The cases will come down if for a couple of such cases harsh measures are taken against the criminals within a short span. If there is a fear in the minds of criminals crimes will come down. Otherwise, if criminals realize they can go scot-free through certain means and influences they will continue such crimes.

    Responsibility comes with freedom and if there is no responsibility that cannot be considered as freedom. If you think this world is yours and you may do whatever you feel like then it indicates how careless you are about the existence of others. It means you wish to remain busy with yourself only without having any respect for others. This is against the principle of live and let live.


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    The time has certainly changed when we see the surge of educated ladies at present even helping the nation for growth with their service in the medical field by being doctors or being I.A. S with their hard labour. This is one part of story but unfortunately our country has not changed much in terms of thinking when we see that the demand of girl child is often neglected if there is a son in the family. The family has some special preference for the son in all the affairs. Our society is not so civilised to support our ladies in case there is the case of rape or molestation. Even the police don't hear such cases with adequate attention. There are the people in the society not bothering their excellent performance but rather they would exploit ladies with the different forms of torture in the hours of their services.
    We need to have a better cultural change within the society so that there exists a cohesiveness within our system where potentials, qualities are to determined first irrespective of gender. This can facilitate more growth to both the genders.

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    @ Arafatuzzafar

    Have you forgot Nikita Tomar murder case?
    If not, then use and do not be selective when choosing the incidence.

    Like this we can list "n" numbers of incidences.

    I do remember that few times back you were became more concerned of secularism in India.

    With the above I agree when you mention,
    "Where we are heading to and what new society we are creating and what social environment we are going to leave for the next generations are some basic questions that need suitable answers and explanations."

    Thanks to the social media.

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    @Dr Rao: Proper training should be given to them for self-defence is a good idea but practically it is difficult to come.

    @K.Mohan: Police should register their case if they approach. I agree with you.

    @Sankalan Bhattacharya: I agree that severe punishment should be given to culprits at the earliest

    @ S.S. Jha: I agree that there should not be any discrimination based on gender if anywhere exists

    @ Ved Prakash Anand: Yes, Nikita Tomar is also another case and hope that all similar cases should be highlighted by the media.

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    This is really a very serious problem and so many cases against the women are even not registered due to social reasons. The offences on women are not a new thing in the society and history is replete with these incidences whether it is home violence against them or social crimes. There are two main causes for this and one is the traditional mindset of some people considering them as inferior in every respect and other is the advantage taken by the criminal elements in the society knowing that they cannot protect themselves especially in secluded or isolated places. Even if 4-5 goons attack a man in an isolated place, he cannot protect himself so how can we assume that women can protect herself from any ambush on her. So, it is imperative that it requires a strong governance in our system so that the culprits are punished in such a way that others fear to do such inhuman acts. There is a big role of police forces in it and their sincerity matters much in the matter. Many criminals have political support and that is where corrections of high order are required.
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    Suggestions are never harmful because any person gives advice only on the basis of his experiences, so whether a girl or a boy, both should listen to the advice of theirs elders. If the given advice does not seem, appropriate to anyone, then they should not oppose it, but should ask the questions coming in their mind, maybe by doing so the suggestion will also seem appropriate.

    But as far as the increasing crimes and the relation between the clothes of the girls are concerned, then I do not agree with this. It is not because I am a girl, but because I have found such crimes with those girls also who are not safe even inside the house, and the reason for this insecurity is not the clothes of the girls but the thinking of those who commit such heinous crimes.

    If a ban is to be imposed, it should be imposed on their thinking, those movies or advertisements, which give rise to the wrong mentality. I do not say that anyone, whether it is a boy or a girl, needs to expose their body, everyone should be within their dignity, but this dignity should be decided by a girl or boy and their family, not by the people of the society.

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