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    Covishield proves to be good if gap increased between doses

    As many people having taken the covishield vaccine and feeling better after the first dose the scientific advice given to the govt has been taken into the consideration and the central government is going to announce the longer time gap between the doses for the same so that the vaccines for second dose can be put in to use for other age group not covered so far. There has been lots of studies as to the working of various vaccines and covishield being given in government hospitals for free has proved great. Any comments please ?
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    I and my wife took Covishield only. My parents and brother also took the same. When we took the first dose they told us that we can go for the second days after one month. But later on we were informed that the gap can be 12 to 16 weeks. So we have not gone for the second dose so far. We have not received the message also.
    When we look at the performance of the vaccines that are being administered in our country, all three are found to be of the same level. Covishield may start developing antibodies late. But produce a good amount of antibodies. So it was advised by the concerned to delay the second dose. Covoshield is cheaper than the other two. Many states are giving covishield only. Covaxin is less in use. Maybe a production constraint.
    Irrespective of all these, now it is very important for all to get vaccinated and I advise all people to get vaccinated as early as possible so that they will avoid the risk.

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    It is not the production constraint measure but expert advise.
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    The author has chosen, in this thread, a very interesting and burning contemporary issue of delaying the second Covishield jab. Actually, these vaccines are still in development phase and as more and more data about their use is coming in, more the information the scientists are getting and depending on the feedback and other statistical data these changes in delaying the second jab are being announced through the Govt channels for reaping the best benefits out of these vaccines. Scientific progress especially in the medical field is like that only and it goes in the correct direction if the correct feedback of effectiveness of the vaccine reaches the researchers. Let us hope we are going in the correct direction to save the human race from this unprecedented pandemic.
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    The nature of the disease causes by covid-19 virus is yet new for everyone and doctors are gaining knowledge by the affected symptom of the patient itself. So the effectivity of vaccine against this virus also is in learning state for all. Govt has extended the gaping period between the two doses of Covishield as per the recommendation of the specialist board. Now the research are going on and effectiveness of the vaccine declared to be more if gaping period is more. Accordingly I have not yet taken the 2nd dose of covishilds which was due on 12th of june'21. Some media are also in opinion that mix vaccination also beneficial. All is under a part news of the newly vaccination . Hence we should always go for according to the advised of a good doctor.
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    Relating to the gaps of the various corona medicines, are being revised periodically. Initially when we couple got the vaccination of Covishield on 20 th March this year, we were told to have the second dose by 5 th of April. Accordingly, we received the second slot on 10 th April in the nearest centre of our residence at Bengaluru. Then again for the same medicine, the gap was further extended and now the revised gap is between 12 and 16 weeks. Both the prevailing doses Covaxin and Covishield are under the experimental studies to ascertain the best benefits accrued with the varying gaps. However, such experiments could be beneficial to the consumers ultimately.

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    What I think is that the advisory which keeps changing is as per the UK model. That is, whatever research studies are emerging from there forms the basis of the decisions here with regard to the gap between the doses. It would be good to know of data done from research studies here as well since various variants have been emerging.

    Dr. Rao - you mentioned that you have not yet got any message. Are SMS alerts sent to those who received the first dose that they need to go on so-and-so the date for the next dose? What you have to do is visit the CoWin site, type in the mobile number, put in the OTP that you receive, and see the message that appears against your name. It will show the date of your first dose and the date when you should take the next one. It also tells you by which last date you should take that second dose. Then you can schedule your vaccination by entering the pin code, after selecting paid or free, and the age group.

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    I have not yet seen any authentic report giving the report of any study to convince me.

    The news reports seem to be just superficial space fillers or planted news for tiding over the present situation of vaccine shortage.
    To come with such strong results it need to be studied how much anti-bodies are present. Then the volunteers should be exposed to the virus and studied whether the virus is eliminated by the anti-bodies produced by vaccination earlier. Such study has to be done on people in different batches segregating them by the period after first dose. It is not an overnight study. It is laborious and need monitoring and follow up. Knowing the seriousness o this infection, it is not so easy to get volunteers who will risk themselves.
    If such studies are there let it be evaluated to the genuineness and correctness and the medical community be convinced by that.
    It appears more from the side of the administration. They go on changing the goal posts. That is why it gives suspicion to be as a ploy of securing some gap and time till sufficient stocks and backups are available.

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    Dr Rao,

    I am waiting for your response to my query.

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