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    Are you a influencer or the work seeker ?

    There are people around us who have the best connections over their various social media accounts and thus proves to be more influential. One such happening was shown in a Tamil serial where in a a hotel owner, a very kind hearted person wants to sell the hotel for the sake of operation cost to be incurred on one of the employee daughter. But a freind of him organize the pool of 25 lakhs through her social contacts and thus sale of hotel avoided. This is really a great trait in some people who make their influence in right direction. What is your say ?
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    These social connections are getting proved to be helpful in many cases.
    Recently a poor family, known to me, was in a big problem. All the three members of the family were tested Corona positive and hospitalised. The expenditure was expected to be more than Rs.10,00.000/-. Then their friends and relatives started posting on various social media sites and on various WhatsApp groups. Many people donated Rs.1000/- and above. Through this media, it was informed that a total of about Rs,5,00.000/- was collected and some close relatives gave the remaining amount as a loan. God helped them and they came out with health and they are OK now.
    This shows the helping nature of the people. People who are doing normal came forward to help the people who are really in need. This is really a good trait and they need all appreciations. But a word of caution is some fake requests are also coming through media. So we should be careful and check the correctness of the post before proceeding.

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    Dr Rao you have shared the real happening and that proves crowd funding do works.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Undoubtedly influence can help people a lot. With the help of social media, one can reach many though for that one has to make a good connection through such media. Having good contacts with people and regularly keeping in touch with the contacts with various posts and information can help to some extent. The incidents mentioned in the thread and in the response of Dr Rao are praiseworthy and I feel we all should do our bit to help others.

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    There are so many dark shades of social media and people blame it for so many associated bad things that it has got a bad name. But it has some inherent positive points also and one of the prominent one is to mobilise money and material in short time. For this we definitely require some influence in it. About 3 years back some of the senior citizens in our area were maintaining a neglected park in the vicinity of our society and I was also actively associated in that. We had some ambitious program for the renovation but we got little help from the local authorities and were thinking as what to do. One of our friends gave an idea that there are many local WhatsApp groups and if we appeal in them then may be we get some contributions for our work. When we did that, I was surprised to see that we got much more than expected and without approaching people individually. That was the power of influencing others through social media.
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    There are many people around us who come out to help people. They are active on social media also. Some of them are you tubers who are helping needy and poor people with open hands. If they see old man as vendor selling any item or if he is a rickshaw puller or if they see any woman they help. They have helped several people with money and even homes. If they are patient and can't afford expenses of treatment in hospitals they bear their expenses.
    Some of the YouTuber appeal to their subscribers to help needy people and people send money them directly.

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    The author is right, and I agree with him, some people are very talented and they have this art in them to manage their relationship with people in such a way that many people are always ready to support them. This is great quality and it is a great thing when someone because of your nature is so attached to you that considering your need as your need and put all your efforts into fulfilling it. People who are full of such qualities can never find themselves alone in the world.

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