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    Do you feel exited as you are about to leave for home from work place?

    In private companies the work hours are subjected to strict timings as the punching is done for incoming and out going of the each employee. And when the exit time to leave the office nears, everyone braces up and feel more exited to leave at once and go out. No doubt the office works may be easy or monotonous, but leaving the work place immediately not wasting even one minute more is the attitude of many. And some management want to test our efficacy by giving last minute task and how we react. Have you gone through such experience ?
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    We may not feel excited. But we may feel relaxed. After a full day struggle in the office, when we sit in our car and start back to our home back we will feel relaxed and even we may have a nap in the car while travelling. This is my personal experience. I used to feel excited only when there is a piece of special news to share with my family after going home from my office. Otherwise, what is the excitement in going home very late after having a very difficult working day in the office.
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    When a person keeps himself involve in hectic schedule and he doesn't get enough time to rest during his work, he mentally as well as physically feels tiredness, so he wants to return his home at the earliest. Some persons may be excited, some people may be extremely happy.

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    At the end of the working hours, everyone desires to return to the free and cosy atmosphere of the home. That is a natural yearning. At the same time there are some workaholics who stay up to late in the office. Management will most of the times rely and depend on these workaholics for some urgent jobs and if required request only these volunteers for some work to be completed by even the midnight on the same day. The normal employees will have their eyes on the clock at the end of working hours and would leave the office at the dot making many excuses like that they would miss the bus if they go even a minute late and things like that. These things are based on the psychology of the person also and many workers who are not happy with their jobs or are disgruntled due to one or other reason would make it a point to leave the office at the dot.
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