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    Lessons learnt should not be forgotten

    Every one of us will be facing different challenges in our lives. Some challenges may be due to some mistakes we have committed. We will go through hardships. But we will learn a lesson from that expereince.

    Sometimes we will observe others who are suffering from their mistakes and we feel that we should not commit such mistakes. But slowly we will forget that and we may commit a similar mistake and suffer in our lives. In some instances, such mistakes may be proved very costly.

    From our mistakes as well as from the mistakes committed by others also we will be learning some lessons. We should not forget those lessons and see that we will not commit similar mistakes again and again. I like to know the opinions of other members on this aspect.
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    That is correct. It is important to recollect the lessons learnt during challenging times and apply them accordingly. While overcoming every obstacle we learn something new and if we are unable to remember it we need to note it down somewhere. It is something like noting down the process of an important task or experiment. Maintaining a dairy can help in such situations. Generally, people note down their daily activities in their diaries and if they remember the time they faced such a hurdle earlier it becomes easier to look for a solution from those notes. Sometimes, similar problems may also occur but in different aspects and in that case, if we can modify the same sort of solution a little bit then we may overcome the situation. During student lives, many people forget the lessons after the exams which must be avoided in this case. Otherwise, it can be quite difficult to overcome similar obstacles that people faced earlier.

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    This is human nature which learns and experiences while facing ups and downs and takes lessons from them and apprises his friends and other close ones also but after some time he forgets what be learnt and what he told to others. Such people return to their normal life. They have in-depth resilience. They face problems, untoward situations, unhealthy conditions. They, somehow, face all these challenges but when their good days are back, gradually, they begin to forget what happened with them.
    Some people can be seen who spend their days and nights in fun and frolic but sometimes, their lives take a turn and they are changed utterly. They become serious people. Their personality gets changed completely.

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    What I feel that our life is the daily lesson and we keep on learning new things out of experience or out of failures and thus we become more strong in the course of time. In one of the business family all the four sons are highly educated and they are manning the company but the father is illiterate and does not know modern way of business. But the way the old man was having gone through each department and got the experience by merely watching the sons would not dare to take any decision without the approval of the father and thus the elder's decision wont go wrong and fully based on lessons learnt.
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    This is true, we keep repeating those mistakes until we learn from our mistakes. Just as a teacher keeps asking his student to do a particular work until he becomes proficient in it, similarly our luck keeps bringing us such opportunities again and again so that we can recognize our weaknesses and strengths. We get a lot of learning in the world, but if we do not make proper use of that learning/lessons, then it becomes in vain. You should not forget your learnings, but it is wise to move forward while implementing them in life.

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