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    Do you think because of online classes students become deficient of perfect knowledge?

    Last more than one and half year no regular classes are going in any educational institutions. Online classes are only the way through which they are getting some education. As no practical classes are possible, students have no first hand experience doing practical work. Most probably educational institutions are not opened atleast upto next new year. So in this academic year also they have to follow only online classes. This definitely hamper the knowledge gaining of the student that makes them deficient of perfect knowledge. This will affect in knowledge gaining in their classes and also in job acquiring skills. Those who study the foundation classes 1-5 in their life will be very much affected as the most important teacher's guiding will be fully missed. So what care should be taken by parents and students to overcome these drawbacks in online classes?
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    Children are facing more problems because interaction with one another is an important part of growing up and in this situation, the usual teacher-student face to face interaction is not possible. After a certain age when the urge to know more automatically grows up, online classes will not possess much difficulty excepting the lab-based subjects. Here, parents have an important role to play. Nowadays, many parents remain dependent on private tuition and school teachers for the education of their child. When the situation is not favourable parents must take the lead and offer guidance to the children. Face to face interaction with the children is essential and if parents can help children to learn the lessons they will not miss the human touch.

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    I am totally agreeing with the author contention that because of on line classes the students are surely facing the deficiency of perfect knowledge because there are more confusion galore than real learning that ought to take place. Firstly the technical glitch of connecting all students in one frame fizzles out for one reason or the other. And the interaction of the students totally mess up and the teacher spends more time asking the questions as the audible is not good. All these factors lead to time consuming mode and that makes the teacher going for frustration and asking the students to study themselves and call her over the phone to clarify the doubts. And I bet no student has the guts to call the teacher for obvious reasons. So the knowledge got through the online class is nil or nothing as per me when compared to schooling.
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    It is very difficult to guide those who study the foundation classes 1-5 online. Even in regular schooling also it is very difficult for the teacher to hold them together and teach them. They will be just starters and they will not concentrate on their studies. They like playing. I am seeing many children who are in these classes attending online classes. In some cases, the mother is sitting with the child and seeing that the child will not run away. My granddaughter is in LKG. My daughter in law is sitting with her before the computer and taking instructions from the teacher and teaching my granddaughter. My brother's daughter is in the 2nd class. My brother or his wife will be making her to sit before the computer and monitoring her and seeing that she will be hearing the class.
    If this continues for some more time think students will become very ineffective and they may not get the required knowledge. Parents have to take more interest and see that the children will understand the lessons properly.

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    I agree with the author as online classes are affecting students learning process as well as their health. It need of the hour but still they can't be substitutes of regular classes as in online classes are focused in learning theory but those who learns by doing, then online classes are very difficult for them. Even games and other co curricular activities make a child learn.

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    Online classes being held for all the classes don't serve the purpose to acquire knowledge in the subjects being taken up through this mode. The classes particularly for students studying between Class One to Class Five start with some questions by the teachers and by naming a particular student, the teacher would like to know the answer from him. This process continues throughout the entire session and finally ends. This lacks the clarity of the subject materials apart from their existing doubts in the chapter being taught. Though the teacher tries to resolve the doubts for a few students, rest of students remain in utter confusion. Due to limited time period, it cannot eliminate the doubts of all. The way the teacher handles the subject is not enough to arouse curiosity among the students. Such sessions are not the substitute of off line classes where they receive details inputs of the subjects with the benefits of personal touch of their teachers and colleagues which satisfy them psychologically.

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    There is no substitute of a school and college equipped with all sort of laboratories where students learn the practical things. Online classes are good for the theoretical part and in some cases some practicals which can be understood just by seeing the video. Today, if we have resorted to online classes in such a big way then it is not out of choice but due to the compulsion created by the pandemic. Anyway until the situation improves I do not see that physical classes would restart and in such a condition we have to go for improvements in online mode only. Many agencies are enriching their syllabus and curriculum in those directions for a full-fledged online experience but it is still a long time that we achieve a robust online platform.
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    When the pandemic has affected all walks of life and due to fear of infection and spreading of deadly virus schools are closed
    Then how to provide education to children is a serious question, then online is the only option to provide education in a pinch. This is a different question if they get good knowledge through online classes. I dont think that education can't be given to students through this medium as effectively as is given in a classroom.
    Perhaps the author and those members who agree with him do not watch YouTube channels of some good teachers of all subjects. I invite them to watch these youtube channels and they will change their views about online classes. These teachers have impressed me a lot, therefore, I have two suggestions in this regard.
    1) School teachers should be given proper training how to teach students online.
    2) Parents have to support school management to make online education successful.
    If teachers are proficient in online teaching and parents also sit with their children during study hours, it will create a psychological pressure on teachers that guardians are also watching them, moreover, if students dont understand any part of chapter taught by their teacher then guardians/parents may help their children.

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