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    Try to know the meaning of the idioms

    In the English language there are so many beautiful idioms are there and sometimes we don't know the actual meaning of these idioms. I give out some beautiful English idioms and members you try to give some good explanations about them. This will help us to know the correct meaning of these idioms-
    1) A second bite of the cherry
    2)The Nuts and Bolts
    3) Slow help is no help
    4) Villain of the piece
    5)Take a back seat
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    These are quite interesting and often we use some of these idioms while writing.

    1) A second bite of the cherry - indicates one is getting another chance to achieve something after failing to do so on the first chance.
    2) The Nuts and Bolts - refer to the basics or practical aspects about something, rather than theoretical knowledge about the issue.
    3) Slow help is no help - this has similarity with 'Justice delayed is justice denied.' One needs help at a particular moment but if the help arrives much later when the need is no more, then it is similar to no help.
    4) Villain of the piece - it indicates that a particular person or thing is the reason behind some trouble or unwanted situation.
    5) Take a back seat - when something important loses its prominence over some other thing.


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    Many people talk about many things. But when we want to them do it and show it, they may not be able to do that. In such cases we used to stay he doesn't know the nuts and bolts of the issue. This is mainly used to highlight the ability of a person in doing work with his own hands.
    When we plan an event or work and if something went wrong in that. The person or the thing that is responsible for that is called the Villain of the piece. When we plan a meeting and the mike stopped working during the meeting, at That moment we can say the mike is the Villain of the piece.

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    When we say - A second bite of the cherry, it means a new chance for success or good result.
    Practical and detailed knowledge about something is called the nuts and bolts of that matter.
    Untimely help is of no value. Slow help is no help. People need help at the right moment and not at a later time when there is no use or outcome of the help.
    The bad or unwanted aspect in anything is called as the villain of the piece.
    Issue which gets ignored due to some other burning issue is the issue which takes a backseat.

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    In this context, I would like to imagine and narrate how this idiom "A second bite of the cherry" came into existence". A cherry is so small that no one would bite it. We simply swallow the whole cherry at a time. So in this case if we can bite the cherry for a second time, that means we get another chance. Hope this makes sense.

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