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    Have a good look at the photo and write a mini story

    Dear Members,
    The guy sitting at the entrance of the house is my Push Kutty, a lovely pet dog. It is a wise dog. Yesterday, it was raining heavily. One of my she goat was tied in the open area on the pole of my house and was getting wet. When Push Kutty saw the goat getting wet, he ran towards the pole and cut the rope and released her. What an action by Push Kutty!

    Members, Kindly look at the photo and write a mini story, if you can.( 150 words)
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    I am not able to attach the photo. Kindly open word document to see the photo.
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    Not able to open the image, please load fresh one to respond.
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    I could not see the attachment here itself but when I clicked on that then it was downloaded to my computer and then I saw the picture. Anyway my response is as follows -

    Ramesh daily took his dog Maggie for a walk and Maggie always looked up to that opportunity and enjoyed the outside atmosphere much. In the morning Maggie always came to him as if requesting him to take it for a walk. Ramesh knew it and without fail he used to take Maggie for a walk covering many lanes in the area and then reaching a playground and then coming back to house. One day it was raining heavily and Ramesh did not take Maggie with him and when he returned from walk saw that Maggie was sitting on the verandah and waiting for him eagerly. Maggie even did not take his food. Ramesh felt sorry for him and took him in his arms and entered the house. Only after meeting Ramesh, Maggie went near the food plate and took food.

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    Mohan went early in the morning to attend official work and he is so busy in the office even he couldn't take his lunch. The next day there is a board meeting and he has to make a presentation to all the other directors of the company. So he is busy getting that presentation made. He has to give a positive presentation and all the facts should be mentioned without any deviation. So he is going slide by slide and trying to see that everything will be appealing to the members.
    Generally, he will be going back to the house by 6 PM and by any chance if he is getting delayed he will inform the house about the delay. But on that day he couldn't do that. So his family members are worried. His mobile was also kept silent and he is not receiving the calls. All the members are eagerly waiting for him. Their pet dog Siva understood the whole issue. She went out of the main door and eagerly waiting for his master's arrival.
    Mohan started back from the office at 9 PM. He sat in the car and opened the phone and seen many phone calls from his house. He made a call informed the house. But that poor pet dog Siva is still waiting at the door for the arrival of his boss.

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    A temple was constructed by a rich businessman in his own compound as he could able to win the favor of the God as boon and in return he constructed a temple. But having spent too much money on the same the businessman made a wrong calculation that by having the temple inside his own compound, there were no devotees visiting and there is a saying that if the temple is not visited by any one it loses the sheen and no power is bestowed on the deity. Having sensed this he made his pet dog to make rounds and do the guard duty to the temple whole day. This way the temple was totally guarded and the outside people started evincing interest on the dog and not the deity. Now though the devotees want so visit and have prayers at the little temple, the dog wont leave the place and thus a confrontation between the owner and dog resulted in the dog forgoing its meals and care from the owner. But having noticed this the outside people started offering food to the dog and made friendship with it with the sole reason of having darshan at the temple.
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