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    Concession to Railway travellers in buying ticket

    Usually, to travel in railway trains, we book the tickets online or we take reservation tickets in railway Station or we buy tickets at the railway station without reservation. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to buy tickets because of long queues. So to resolve this issue Indian Railways announced if passengers take platform ticket can directly get into the train and can buy tickets to their destination from TC. I think this will help those who travel at the last minute and can avail this concession of tickets before getting on the train. Members, what do you think about this arrangement?
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    Wow this is the right thought from the Railways and one near to the urgent travellers who have no time to buy ticket and can board the train with the platform ticket and then take the ticket inside. Once I had purchased a general ticket and boarded in the general compartment which was vaccant and when TT came for checking he asked me to shift to other coach as this is reserved for Guntur passengers going towards Chennai. The coach was empty and other general compartments were full. That time I have also wrote to Railway Minister as to why the TT are not allowing to continue journey just citing silly reasons. Probably that is heard now and we can now travel hassle free. This would be the far reaching decision on the Railways and it helps urgent travellers to board the train and continue journey without wasting time.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Railway department must change themselves with the changing times and give credence to the customer needs. Railways are still following some old rules which are in no way giving help to the passengers rather they are creating problems for them. So, this new stipulation is a welcome measure and people should take advantage of it. It will immensely help the last minute passengers for boarding a train. Only thing is that there should be sufficient counters for providing platform tickets otherwise the queue will simply be divided and many people will shift from the regular ticket window to the platform ticket window but will have to wait.
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    Earlier also some people are getting into the train without a ticket. But TC asks them to get down or issue a ticket with some additional charge as a fine. Now this new provision to get into the train with a platform ticket and then take a ticket from the TC is introduced I think. Definitely, it will be a big help to the passenger who is not having a ticket can also get into the train. Those travellers will be allowed into general compartments only I think. A good initiative from the Railway and must be appreciated.
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    It's a good move by the Railways but there is a doubt about one issue. If this move is introduced to lessen the burden of passengers when there is a long queue at the ticket counter, then from where the passengers will purchase the platform ticket? In many stations, you may not find a separate counter for the platform tickets and in those cases, the last-minute passengers will not be able to board the train if there is a long queue.

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    Sankalan please note that in big stations there are platform ticket vending machines and those are installed at the vantage points. So that would not be the problem.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is a good idea, but how to trust the TTEs whether they are issuing a genuine ticket or a duplicate/fake ticket. The system should be accurate with no duplicate or fake ticket. In this world, anything can happen to make money. TTEs are not an exemption to this. Duplicate tickets can be printed easily and issued. The system if introduced should be trust worthy. So that the railways don't run into loss.
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    In many stations there are vending machines for platform tickets. In some stations, platform tickets are sold in separate counters. The difficulty faced by urgent travelers, as told by the author is genuine but getting the ticket in the train through TTEs is very difficult to adopt in practice as many travelers follow this as a remedy. Moreover there are facilities in online either on computers or mobiles to book a ticket even in the last minute. Even we can see the availability through mobiles in the trains about to move.

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    The decision is good but when the station is overcrowded, it is also a relatively struggle for a person to get a platform ticket. According to my, if possible online booking should be given priority, especially when you are going on this long journey. Those who do daily up-down due to office etc., surely it can be easy to board the train through platform ticket also. Still, the step taken by the railway department is commendable as it will definitely help some regular passengers, and for those who can not book online tickets.

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