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    Delhi government plans to train 5000 youths as community nursing assistants

    That is the need of the hour and the Delhi government went in the right direction by announcing that they are going to train youngsters to become community nursing assistants to tackle the third wave of the present pandemic. The shortage of paramedical as well as medical staff during the surge of the cases compelled the government to think for a possible solution if there is a third wave and yesterday, the CM announced this training program for 5000 youngsters who have passed their 12th board exams. The necessary training will be conducted by Indraprastha University and other nine medical institutes throughout Delhi. This training program will commence from 28 June and the enrolled candidates will be divided into batches of 500 students. This is a two-week training program and the application for the program started today. The trained community nursing assistants will assist the health care professionals when in need and they will be paid based on the number of working days. I hope other state governments and the central government will carry forward this good initiative of the Delhi government throughout the country.
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    It is true. There is a need for trained paramedical as well as medical staff when there is a surge of COVID cases and many people did not get the required medical help from trained people. So I think selecting some youth and training them for doing the job is a move in the right direction. But before giving them the training, there should be a proper screening test so that only people who can manage the situation and can understand their job properly will be given a chance.
    In Andhra Pradesh, the government has selected some Volunteers and they are acting as middle persons between the government and the public. In the same way, some youth can be trained and posted as health workers who can do the work as required. It is good if the other state governments will also try to do the same.

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    Very good move from the Kejriwal government and I truly appreciate because the health sector has been lagging behind ever since the first wave came into force and we have seen how the hospitals were running short of staff and doctors especially the nursing persons. In fact other states should take cue from this and also recruit more male and female nurses for the look after of somany inpatients and out patients service. Even in private also many patients wants services of nurses to visit them at the home and attend their needs. So nurses would be having work all the time and this is noble profession.
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    There is shortage of helping hands everywhere in the medical system and the corona pandemic has made this fact quite obvious. This is a good step by the Delhi Govt and other states can also opt this practice. Trained nurses will not be available in such a short time and to plan a short duration training makes sense. This is an emergency situation and these trained people will be helpful in the hospitals especially where severe staff shortage is there.
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    I appreciate the Delhi government for taking this positive step in the health sector. It will definitely improve the health system and also common people will be apprised by these trained people and awareness about this programme will bring out good results. The third wave of coronavirus is about to come. This second surge is not over yet. This second wave has destroyed people. Nobody can predict how much harm people will suffer from the third wave.
    These young boys and girls will be given proper training and they will perform as semi medical staff. It will eradicate the poverty of these young boys and girls because they will do it for money. Almost all hospitals are facing a shortage of staff. Most of them are directly dealing with new patients coming to their respective staff.

    China had already taken this technique to counter coronavirus. Local administration recruited young volunteers to arrange all necessary items and help the health department also.

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    While such and similar training to keep a back up service support in times of need is welcome, I feel exposing novices to m a severe pandemic without proper training and equipment is not good. It can be harmful and counterproductive.

    With a proper planning and vision the well trained and experienced health sector staff-presently in service and recently retired from service- may be used for the current Pandemic. Training support reserve backup team may be taken up as a continuous and regular system after the current pandemic danger is over and things come back to normal.

    I am not sure of Deli, but in states there are good force of ASHA workers, Anganwadi personnel, local ward/council members etc who know the local geography and local people closely and have rapport and some command or influence on them . They may be trained in the first instant and used for such situations providing precaution and care equipment.
    Nursing education should include emphasis the training on precautions and care about heavily contagious diseases(if not already in place).

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    A helpful and right step is taken by the Delhi government. As we always know that any decision or step could be best of it taken on right time with the right way, so this announcement by the Delhi government is also one of the examples for the same situation, where medical or health system needs more and more workers and by training such people government helping health system and also providing employment to youth. Training procedures should be also followed in the right way so the upcoming health worker can give more support to the doctors.

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