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    Kharchi Puja a festival of Tripura

    Kharchi Puja
    In the Hindu month of Aaswad (July) in the city of old Agartala, a week-long festival is celebrated known as Kharchi Puja. In these seven days, 14 gods are worshipped in a temple called Chaturdash Devata Bari meaning the place of the 14 Gods. The priest performs many Rituals, thousands of devotees come across the country to witness the seven-day event. The Kokborok (A local Tribal language of Tripura) names of the fourteen deities are Lampra (Kam Dev), Akhata (Ganga), Bikhata (Himalaya), Burasa (Vishnu), Thumnairok (Kartika), Bonirok (Ganesh), Sangrongma (Samudra), Mwtaikotor(Buddhi), Twima(Bani), Songatrama(Shiva), Noksuma(Varun), Mailuma(Saraswati), Khuluma(Laxmi) and Hachwkma(Parvati). Folk tales say once upon a time there was a king named Trilochan who ruled over the region, one day his mother named Tripuri while bathing in a pond saw 14 people were being chased by mad wild buffalo and they asked her for help. She then took Risa (A traditional attire) throw it over the Buffalo and stopped its rampage, the 14 men and women were relieved. The very next day when she again visited that she says 14 idols of god were lying near the pond. She took them and started worshipping them. To date, during these seven days of the festival, a buffalo is being sacrificed to these 14 gods in memory of that incident. The puja is very much different from usual Hindu methods; it is more like a local traditional method. The tribal Hindu priest called Chantai performs all the main rituals of the event. Tripura government organise a large fair every year on account of this occasion and people of all sections take part in it and offer their payers to Gods.
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    During this festival, the earth is also worshipped along with the 1c deities mentioned by the author. It is celebrated by both tribal and non-tribal communities of this State. This festival is supposed to be for cleaning the earth in addition to worshipping the deities. This will be celebrated in a grand way in this state. I understand that buffalo sacrifice is stopped these days as it is not allowed.

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    Frankly speaking for first time I am coming across such a wonderful festival worshipping fourteen dieties such as Lampra (Kam Dev), Akhata (Ganga), Bikhata (Himalaya), Burasa (Vishnu), Thumnairok (Kartika), Bonirok (Ganesh), Sangrongma (Samudra), Mwtaikotor(Buddhi), Twima(Bani), Songatrama(Shiva), Noksuma(Varun), Mailuma(Saraswati), Khuluma(Laxmi) and Hachwkma(Parvati. We the mainland people does not much about what is happening in the NE states and good that the author has shared such information. May I know from the author to share some photos as attachment through replies as to how the temples look their and their features.
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    Subham Das, welcome to ISC!
    It is good to know about the traditional festivals of various states and you have given a good description about the festival and the story behind organising the week-long festival.

    A small suggestion. Since Kharchi Puja is mentioned in the title of this thread there is no need to mention it again as a title/heading within the thread. Also please go through the Forum Posting Guidelines to get a better idea about various other things related to a post.


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    It is good to know about one more festival in India. India is a country that has many different cultures, religions, and systems, all have their own importance. It increases the beauty of India by celebrating different festivals from time to time, another great thing is that in India most of the time we celebrate festivals and not only those who are related to our culture but also celebrate other festivals which may not found in a particular culture but still entire public like to celebrate them. Every festival also relates mythological importance and makes us closer to the super power of God.

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