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    Are human more clever than animals to locate source of water ?

    It is the fact that both human beings and animals need water for the very survival and there is constant endeavor on the part of human being to look for the source of water. For example we have he technology and know how to dig bore well and obtain water. Whereas the animals have to go places to look out for the oasis of water or water body to quench their trust. Do the animals have the knack to survive without water for days together. According to you , whom you rate the best in locating water for self either human or the animals ?
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    Mohan, I think there is a mistake in the heading. I think it is 'Clever' but not 'Cleaver'. I request you to do the correction. As per the dictionary meaning, Cleaver is a tool with a heavy, broad blade, used by butchers for chopping meat.

    Animals also require a lot of water. Generally, the location where water is available will be known by roaming around and once they see a reserve they remember that location. They move in groups and even one animal knows the location it will lead the other animals to that place.

    Other important points I want to mention are
    1, Animals have very effective senses. These can smell & feel moisture with much greater sensitivity than human beings.
    2, They can survive by taking a reduced quantity of water by eating a well-hydrated food source.
    3. Most animals can drink water that is not suitable for us to drink.

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    Humans use advanced scientific methods for water surveys but animals use their own senses for it. They will observe other animals going to a particular place and returning and they will follow the suit. Some animals will migrate to other places based on last year memory. There are some who will move to lower terrains searching rivulets or springs. So different animals have different ways of locating water. In absence of water they will dig the places and even eat the roots to satisfy their thirst. Some animals migrate to far away places from their original place in search of water and then stay near the water source. Predators also try to be near water areas to get the prey easily.
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    Thanks Dr Rao, the correction has been made and thanks for the response.
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    The animals have excellent potentials of searching the locality where water exists. They do recall up the these points even after a year and if anyone has come across such a source, they may revisit the same with their group to quench their thirst. God has designed them in a different way needing less water if they consume some roots of plants containing water. Hence their mechanism is certainly different from ours in many ways. The water consumed by the animals is not fit for humans and needs treatment before being consumed. Hence both the animals and human beings are clever in their ways.

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    Think of the period when the technology to dig borewell was not there. At that time, human beings had to search for water for survival and after facing a lot of difficulties of roaming here and there for water somebody invented the technology. Animals do not have the intelligence to use technology but use their senses and various other ways to do things. Animals have their own intelligence and apply it accordingly. Earlier, when the humans were nomad they used to search for water. Now humans mainly search for natural resources to make a profit.

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