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    A long pause can bring you far behind.

    We all make many contributions in our daily life and our constant participation counts in every contribution. If due to any reason, we have to take a pause, then it should be resolved soon and we should start our contributions. For the last few days due to some health issues, I was not able to contribute on ISC as usual, and obviously, these 2 to 3-day pauses make my total points lesser. Although that was an unwanted pause, but I have seen some people find themselves in a certain position, and take a long pause, by making this mistake, they fall behind. A pause is also good and necessary but you have to decide its limit, and then you start your contribution back as soon as possible. We do not even have to run always, but we should always maintain the continuity that is necessary for life.
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    Very interesting submission by the author. She has given good example of her reduced activity in ISC for a couple of days. The concept is true in every situation in our lives. A long pause is always a detrimental factor. Contributing anywhere is easy but sustained contribution is always a challenging matter. Those who can continue without pause anywhere in their lives are lucky people.
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    I support the author as continuity should be maintained in life. If we take pause for some time then it's difficult enough to catch the other competing us. But all is game of circumstances as sometimes we tried our best to be continuous and punctual buy still other factors such as health or urgency of other works become obstacles in our pathway of continuity. Sometimes we have to bear heavy loss for it. Even I remembered one of an important concert, which we can relate here that, "labour is a perishable resource." Means that we can't restore lost labour of one day.

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    Constant effort is necessary in life but it does not mean that we should.not take rest. Continuous working without any rest will create several problems and it is possible that it takes several days or several.month to get the things back on track.

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    The author is putting a valid point which is applicable practically in our life.

    The saying " Out of sight is out of mind " is also still valid.
    We usually forget someone who is not in touch with us.Many once-good relationships get lost due to lack of frequent contact. Unused iron tool gets rusted and may become useless too.
    Not long ago, when some active forum members used to be absent, other members used to feel concerned and forum posts used to be raised on that matter.But slowly that sentiment also has come down-naturally so.

    Hence I concur with the author and say that it is imperative to be 'present' and active to show others that we are 'live and kicking' and avoid getting forgotten. The world- virtual and real- is so crowded that if one is lagging, absent or inactive, they will be pushed behind by the ever surging crowd.

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    It is correct but at the same time if this pause is because of some unavoidable circumstances then there may not be any other way around. We take a break to get rid of the monotonous activities and this break is for a specific period. In certain situation, we may extend the break and in that case, we should keep in mind whether our contributions will get hampered due to this extended break. While we intentionally take a break, a sudden pause may not be intentional and in that case, we need to find out the reason behind the pause and get back to action at the earliest.

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    This is the competition world and every day counts as many performers at the helm and a pause for long days from our side would certainly push to the back ward. In ISC the daily performers are really active and they keep on contributing their threads and thus become more vibrant if the real performers are absent and they try to grab the top slots. But I always felt that consistency is the hall mark of any performance neither less or more can help us and if we are felling short of performance that can be adjusted with little more performance daily after restart. Suppose you are absent for three days and average total points were 50 then you may be 150 points behind. Now plan daily 70 points performance and within one week you are going to regain the slot you were enjoying either too. So the performance graph is in our hand to control.
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    What the author has said is applicable in all the activities of our life. If you are regular doing some exercise and yoga and absence from it will make you dull due to lack of such activities. There are employees joining in this year and if they fell sick, they will remain without pay for such periods since C.L allotted to him may not compensate the entire leave, he has taken.
    While being a member of ISC, has been our passion and sustenance of the same has been our hobbies. We contribute regularly in the different forums where we are rewarded points for our contributions. Absence from this site would affect our points earnings. However, the points can be compensated with a little extra labour with the maintenance of positivity.

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    We all know the hare and the tortoise story. Even though the hare is fast, because of its long pause on the way lost the competition. The tortoise emerged victoriously. This is true always and in all fields. Even it is true in our career also. of course, if you have a Godfather who will take care of you, your long pause may not affect you and you will be on the fast track.
    But sometimes we may require some breaks also. We have to plan our breaks in such a way that our progress will not get hampered. Sometimes our circumstances force us to go for a pause. That we can't avoid. Once we restart working we should see how best we can compensate for the time lost and how we will cope with the backlog of the work so that we will get on to our normal position.

    always confident

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