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    Violence between political rivals at lower level must be stopped

    Be it West Bengal, Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh the bitter difference between the ruling and the opposition parties resulting in political attacks and murders and that is escalating day by day. We no WB has become so volatile and the Governor has rushed to Delhi with report to meet PM and Home Minister. In TN also the cadre of AIADMK and DMK are with rival mode and attack each other on small issues. And there was political murder in AP even at the funeral site and that is pathetic when the family is already grieving this kind of murders would further add to fury.
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    The rivalry between parties should not result in murders and physical attacks. In Andhra Pradesh, an MP belonging to the ruling party is criticising the government of Andhra Pradesh, even though he is from the same party. The party started taking revenge on him. He was humiliated and now he has given a notice in Parliament. If this is the situation for an MP, what will be the position of an ordinary man.
    These days politicians want money and power. In that pursuit, they go down to any level and never worried about the position of the other person. Always they try to be in power by hook or crook. These practices should be stopped. The heads and the important leaders in the party should see that their cadre will not go for such acts against other people.
    Unless otherwise, politicians change their attitude and think of working for the welfare of the society we will see such activities only.

    always confident

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    This is a bad situation and is not a good thing for the country. If we analyse this problem in our country then there are some conspicuous facts that attract our attention. It is true that some bad elements enter the politics through their influence and contacts and with sheer money power they win the election. These elements are actually the source of all problems. They with their evil background and connections with the mafia and underworld can hire people for attacking the rival groups or cornering a person by threatening him and silencing him. These elements are so powerful that even the honest people in high position fear them and keep a distance with them or remain neutral with them. Another irony is that even if these people are caught by the law in some case then they get free soon with their connections and money power. So, until these people are there in our system it is very difficult to contain these violences. It follows from this analysis that the strict punishment to these criminals in one thing that could help and second thing is if the ruling regime is honest enough and have guts to arrest these people and keep them in jail for long time then others will be fearful of these punishments and the violence might decrease. Right now we do not see any such things on the card and how to stop these violences is a big challenge.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The political situation currently is in the volatile position. It appears that the rules framed in the constitution is only for the common man to to be followed and the politicians don't fall in this regime. They have enough guts and power to influence Police and Judges to influence such setups. They have been fearless to the extent that they can laws in their hands. Any rift with another political man might result in a murder. They would not have any complexities with such wrongdoing. Currently it has been difficult to contain such murders committed by them since law enforcement in our country has been ineffective to tackle the such bad politicians.

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    Though the respective party leaders know the ultimate result they would not appeal for the calm.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Political parties and political leaders are fighting for power. All parties are in the same boat. They are friends in private and enemies in public. They make us fool and we are befooled easily. I always see people have inclination for any political party and they will jump upon defending their favourite party. This is strange thing on their part. Can we not remain neutral?
    It is also observed that some people who are.occupying constitutional office but their activities are against the status and dignity of that office they are holding. They look as if they're like common people.
    Differences in opinion is not bad in democracy, but killing or thrashing each other or treating each other as enemies. This is the worst situation for democracy

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