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    Is the high archaeal structure of Indian government is the reason for corruption in India?

    In India, all government systems are based on a high archaeal basis. In this system, the whole system is divided into various cadres from low to high. All these cadres work together to bring out the result. All these cadres work together in a corrupt way and share the corrupt money. Finally, for corruption no one is responsible. This system is encouraging corruption practices in India. Why Indian government is not initiating new systems to wipe out this corruption. Even with digital technologies, still corruption is going on in every department in India. What alternative systems are there to avoid this corruption?
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    Good observation from the author and my appreciation for bringing out this great topic. I do agree that central and state government departments are highly corrupted and the most were the revenue department. Doing the registration of a document has been the cumbersome activities for the buyer as he have to go through the broker outside the registration office and who "facilitates" documentation, regisration and even scanning the document all with the price and the commissions of every one is included in it. Though the anti corruption bureau do have check on the corrupt officials and employees that is very minimal as every thing is done at the broker office and that is not raided. In this way every govt department is thriving and they are going happy if not raided and caught hold of law enforcing agencies.
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    I would request the author to correct the spelling of 'hierarchical' in the title as well as inside the post.

    The corruption is there not because of the hierarchical structure but because of negligible follow-up action against the corrupt officials and equally light punishment of the officials if convicted. Many government officials are sure that they can get away with corrupt practices by managing the corrupt higher-ups and those higher-ups are busy greasing the palm of the politicians. The hierarchical structure is maintained everywhere but unless the corrupts are brought to book and severely punished nothing is going to change. Think of the situation described by Mohan Sir in his reply @#734083. When people are 'aware' of the corrupt practices of the revenue department how many really lodge a complaint against these officials/brokers? We will find many indulging in corrupt practices by offering more to the officials or brokers so that the registration deeds or clauses can be altered illegally. Many officials are corrupt and many people are also indulging in corrupt practices by offering them bribes. Knowing all these things we remain quiet. I think, we also have to act to get these corrupt officials booked.


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    Corruption is deep-rooted in our system. It is impossible to get it extirpated. We are also habitual of bribery. We give some money and get our work done at once. Problem is that our laws are so complicated that they give free chance to employees to have bribery. I give you an example when, first time in my life, I was asked to give some amount to pay to get my work done. Many years ago I got my first job in a textile mill. I was working as a clerk (temporarily). After a year or so I was asked to get my name registered in Employment Exchange because it was another district where I was working. My name was registered in the employment exchange of my district. My department head gave me a letter to give to an officer of employment exchange because he was his friend. My colleague was also with me. I met the concerned clerk when he saw my certificates he asked. me to give him Rs 10/- (as a bribe). I refused him to pay bribery. Then he said to me " You do one thing, go to your district employment exchange office where you have got your name registered, give an application to the concerned officer to transfer your name to our office. Your work will be done free of cost"
    I immediately went to the officer and took the letter from my pocket and gave it to him. He read it and asked me about my problem I told him that his clerk had asked me for Rs 10/- as bribery. He advised me to get my name transferred from my district employment exchange to his office. Then I came out of his office. My colleague advised me to give Rs 10/- and get my name registered.

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    The corruption in our system is mainly due to the selfish nature of the people as well as the officers and politicians. I am not eligible to get the subsidy announced by the government. But I want to get it. So I will go and talk to the person and see that I will get the subsidy and from that, a part will be given to the officers and other people concerned. This how things are going on here.
    When there is no value for values and ethics and when there is undue importance for money. this type of things will happen. In elections, a voter had to vote for a candidate as per my interest. But money is playing an important role in elections also. The candidate spends huge money to win and his immediate focus will be on getting back the money he spent.
    One should remember that giving bribe is also equally illegal but not only taking. Whatever systems the governments bring, unless otherwise, the mindset of all the people change, it is difficult to see no corruption in India.

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    Only a good governance with stern punishment regime can reduce the corruption in any country. Without honest system of governing the society how can we remove corruption. Frankly speaking, any system or any structure will fail miserably if corruption is there. It is difficult to link one particular system to corruption because even if the system changes the people are same and they will find new ways to make money. How to change the mindset of these people is the biggest challenge. The only thing that can help in eradicating corruption is nabbing the culprits and sending them for imprisonment. That is not happening because the corrupt people in the system are helping them and they are getting free of all the corruption charges.
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