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    Are the student members of this site getting study scholorships ?

    Many state governments have schemes of scholorships for every student studying in Intermediate, Degree or the professional courses like Engineering, Medicine or polytechnic. Most of the students are not rich to afford for high college fees and thus to some extent the state governments are facilitating scholorships according to their income level of the parents. In TS there is Epass facility through which scholorships are granted hassle free and the students are getting benefited. What about the other states and how they are adjusting college fees ?
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    There are schemes of scholarships in all the states. There are some scholarships that are being given by the State government and some by other organisations. There are scholarships from banks also.
    Some companies encourage the children of the employees to study well and get into good courses by offering them some scholarships. We have this scheme in the organisation where I was working. Even some banks are offering some scholarships.
    Some state governments were giving loan scholarships also to the merit students. These scholarships are to be returned after the student gets into a job with no interest. But they stopped that now, I understand.
    I like to mention that I got merit scholarship through out my education from Intermediate to M,Sc. For my Ph.D I got the fellowship from CSIR.

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    If the state governments are offering the scholorships the students must avail and make best use of it to their studies.
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    I hope some student members of this site would join this discussion and give the details as per their perspective. As per my information though there are many scholarship schemes for the students at various stages of their educational lives but most of them are meant either for the highly meritorious ones or the BPL category. So, not everyone would be benefitted by these financial helps rendered by various state Govt as well as central Govt.
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    It depends upon the condition where the students are residing. In some organisations such as SAIL, DVC, ONGC etc, there is the provision for the scholarships for their children for receiving technical education and the organisation itself offers scholarships. The quantum of the scholarships would depend upon the performance of the students and income of their parents. In SAIL, a scholarship to the tune of ? 1500 is paid per month and the same renewable in the next year subject to satisfactory performance of the students.
    Even some banks are offering scholarships to the bright students to encourage them in their higher education.

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